Mindset – Saying Thank You

I thank you for what you showed me.

I thank you for being you.

I thank you for the lesson I learned.

I thank you for your presence.

I thank you for you.

Saying thank you is therapeutical. Not the automatic thank you we’ve been taught to say for politeness. I’m talking about a conscious thank you.

A thank you expressing gratitude.

A thank you saying I am blessed of our interaction.

Saying thank you is life changing.

I am proposing you a little gratitude game to heal your past and enjoy all your presents.

When you see the pain others did to you, take a moment to thank them. Formulate your thank you fully: why are you thanking them. Express it out loud or with a pen and paper.

I’m not telling you to tell them. Do it for yourself first.

Step by step.

Feel the gratitude.

In the healing process, we work on forgiving ourselves and the other. To complete this forgiveness, we have to sublime the connection. See the light.

I thank you for the experience.

It’s challenging.

How you see your past hurts and transform them into beauty supports your growth.

We’re talking about our mindset, how we see the situations.

When I change my vision, I change my experience.

You can apply the thank you game to your everyday interactions.

Saying thank you is an attitude. A smile, a look, a simple dayly gesture changes our reality for the best.

I thank you for the service of your presence.

Do it now.

Transform your life.

You are the creator of your life experience.

More inspiration:

I love you 💖


Picture: Shine your light, taken in Garches, France. The sun shines no matter what.

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