MIND DESIGN – Transform your speech

The path of Self-mastery is full of surprises. Resetting my mind has helped me to heal and liberate myself. Playing with words was and still is a big part of my transformation.

One day, I decided to change my vocabulary.

I started to observe how I was talking to myself and realised I was not very supportive. Between excuses, justifications and harsh judgments, I was putting so much pressure on myself which was blocking me to evolve freely.

How you use the word influences your evolution.

First step, I observed my inner voice.

The way we talk inside shows a lot about how we treat ourself. I noticed I was using negative sentences: don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, aren’t, etc. So I chose to change the negations into affirmations. That was a fun challenge.

I can

I do

I want

STep by step, I became conscious of my speech and I created new ways to express myself.

This lead me to a self revolution : I reprogrammed my mindset. Not only I opened my mind to new ways but I also discovered how words create our manifestation.

I learned that breaking free can be as simple as altering my vocabulary. The way we express reflects our conditioning and by becoming aware of my spoken expression, it opened the doors to amazing observations. It helped me to see clearly how I treat myself and how I treat others.

Becoming the creator of your speech will catalyze your transformation.

For example, some words I decided to not use anymore, some words I decided to use them in specific situations only, some words I decided to dive in deeper.

Overall, I started to say yes to myself and I enhanced my communication.

Try it out. Your are the one able to change your point of view on yourself and create your experience of living life.

I do me. You do you.

Listen to your inner voice. Listen to yourself.

Start observing and the obvious will shine.

Step by step, experiment the new.

Observe. Experience. Evolve.

You can do it !

To go further, I propose

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during which we focus on your habits, speech included.

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More inspiration:

Peace & Trust,


Bird watching, picture taken in Gent, Belgium, February 2019.

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