Mind – Observe your speech

I worked on mastering myself and here is how I’m doing it.

One day, I decided to change my vocabulary.

I started to observe how I was talking to myself and realised I was not compassionate. I was putting so much pressure on myself and blocking myself to evolve freely. With experience, I learned that my vocabulary is a key to my well-being. Not only the words but also the organisation of my speech.

First step, I observed my inner voice. I noticed I was talking to myself with negative sentences: don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, aren’t, etc. I chose to change the negations into affirmations. That was a fun challenge.

I can

I do

I want

I became conscious of my speech and I created new ways to express myself.

This lead me to a self revolution. I reprogrammed my mindset. I became open minded and tolerant with myself. This lead to change my spoken words. My speech evolved.

I like freedom and I broke free. Free from the conditioning of our words and sentences. I became aware of my spoken expression. It opened the doors to amazing observations. Now I see clearly how I treat myself and how I treat others.

I created new ways to express myself.

Some words I decided to not use anymore. Some words I decided to use them in specific situations only. Some words I decided to focus on.

I expanded my vocabulary.

This reprogramming of my way of talking to myself changed my perspectives. Of course, instead of saying no I said yes to myself.

Shine light on yourself.

Observe. Experience. Feel. Learn. Evolve.

Try it out. Your are the one able to change your point of view on yourself and bring yourself support.

I am the one doing for myself.

Listen to your inner voice. Listen to yourself.

Start observing and the obvious will shine.

Step by step, experiment the new.

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I love you,


Birds watching, picture taken in Gent, Belgium, February 2019.

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