Release – I feel weird

I know where I am

I know my next step

But right now I feel weird.

Let’s chat about the process of releasing.

Yes sometimes we feel weird. We have done well with ourselves, we have improved and we can observe our successes with ourselves. But there is this weirdness inside of us. All the “wrongness” seems to come back to face us. It’s like a demon is dancing inside of us. This demon is what’s being released.

We’ve been chatting about letting go. Today I want to share with you about this process of releasing.

When we hold onto something and one day we realise it’s not serving us anymore, it creates waves. Waves of stuck emotions being freed can create chaos in our minds. The stuck is getting out and on its way it is clearing out. Clearing out of what’s related to the release.

I explain.

One situation faces us to the wrong. The wrong being what doesn’t serve us anymore and feels out of place now that’s it’s discovered. The wrong is what doesn’t feel right. This one situation is a trigger but before there were many other situations leading to this present one. Now we are receiving the message. A message telling us to change direction.

We see it when it’s time for us to see it. When it’s intensity is tuning in with what’s deep down stuck inside of us. It creates a change of vibration. We are re-tuning. The release is happening.

In our mind chaos can be felt.

We have been exposed to one of our pattern. And it’s time to be honest with ourselves and accept our past behaviours. Releasing is forgetting yourself of what happened in the past. This pattern we are now observing is related with many situations of our past. And all comes back to our minds. You know all the “why’s”. There are showing us the whole story of what’s being released. It can feel intense. Your mind is thinking about different moments of your past and linking them together.

We are observing ourselves being unvealed to our consciousness. The light is shining in dark corners. Our devil’s tricks are being revealed. We see clearer, we evolve.

It’s a process. The body is asking us to extra care. Maybe we feed more, rest more, sleep more. Maybe our body gets ill to tell us to slow down now. The mind is asking us extra care too. As we are letting go, we have to flow with the process. All that comes back to your conscious mind is here to show you the storyline and not for us to catch it. Like the dark clouds passing in our sky creating rains, winds and thunder. They are passing through. You know that, so let it flow out.

Allow yourself the timespace to heal.

Trust the process.

Trust yourself.

Let it go.


I support myself writing it all out. Sometimes I sing it out too.

If I’m overthinking, I take the words off my mind.

Release them on paper, in music, in painting, etc. Express.

Pain and pleasure, express it all. Don’t be ashamed of yourself for these thoughts, write them down. When you are doing that, you are facing yourself. It’s good.

I accept myself.

I forgive myself.

Remember it’s a process and it’s happening now. You are in it now and you are doing great. Keep going.

It’s ok to feel down, It’s ok to feel weird.

Treat yourself with care. Caring food and caring words. Accept all what’s coming out. Let it go.

It feels like a shadow of myself is being pulled out of my body. I feel like I am shifting.

Yes it is a shift. You are expanding your consciousness.

Trust the process.

Let go.

Love Yourself.

That’s great for now 😉

I wish you thunder and lightenings.

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I love you,


Picture taken on Otres Beach, Cambodia in December 2018.

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