Reflections on my truth

I often ask myself if my dreams are mine. Am I projecting someone’s else illusion ? Am I true in what I believe ? Am I thinking what I believe ?

Each time I feel stronger within myself. I expand because I confront myself with my own truth : Am I believing what I am believing ? I choose to go to the core of my faith and ask myself directly where lies my truth. Not that I doubt it, I wouldn’t say it this way. I believe in them so much, I am going for them at every moment because they are my reality. My manifestation shows its progress. I am creating my dreams now.

The question I am asking my self is to challenge me. To spark my fire of action. To teach me my growth. I feel the change flowing with time and I want to keep my vision updated. As I am learning new details of now at every moment, I wish to allow my dream the space it deserves. I am not asking it if it’s true. I am asking it if it is my truth.

I believe in my friends dreams, in everyone dreams. I am manifesting for them too and for that I create their story in my story and my story in their story…I guess I feel like my dreams are realising through them. I am thankful to be able to co-dream.

Aren’t our dreams our creation ? Feeling that we are all connected and vibrating together our whole, we are co-dreaming as we share our details.

I am you and you are me.

We are reflections of each other. Our parts showing their faces through each other. Each one unique. Each one its perfect timing. Each one its own unique self expression.

It’s a challenge to believe in yourself if you feel no one believes in you, if someone tells you “you are not enough”, if someone tells you “you are too much”. Feeling worthy of yourself is a thread of your healing. Self confidence is an expression of self love. This feeling of worthiness for ourself is loving ourself unconditionally. Yes because we are worthy to dream about beauty and magic, because we are worthy to complete our dreams, we are worthy here and now as we are.

Let go of the thoughts sabotaging you. Release the heaviness inside your heart. Train yourself to love your self. Teach your self new words, new expressions, new ways of expression.

Shape your voice as your truth.

When the fear feels like yours. When the fear catches all your self in its trap. When the fear shines so bright you forget your self.

It feels like the fear is my self. Not only a part of me but my whole vibrating with fear. Our harmony so blissfully flowing that I get lost in its stories. I can become very confused about the right way to go, the right thing to do and all the wrongs possible. I think so much about the possibilities of the unknown. The possibilities of my past projecting their ego onto my here and now. Why would I keep myself on thoughts of before when now offers me infinite possibilities ?

The new can feel difficult of we impose it our expectations. If we bury its novelty under stories and stories. What could go wrong ? How the worst can happen to me ? How bad is it going to be this time ? Yes we have the tendency to focus on the wrongs and compare them to the rights. Like duality is fixated in an opposition of qualities and quantities. Why would I force my self to limit itself ?

Trusting that your life is beautiful as it is without conditions, with all matters, in any ways. Your life is showing you what you want to see.

So, what do you want to see ?

Are you acting on your vision ?

Are your actions reflecting your thoughts ? Are your thoughts reflecting your actions ?

Am I expressing my truth ?

Your truth is inside of you. It is your core. You resonate your truth. No matter the story you give it, you are shining it. Your choice to refuse it or accept it, to block it or let if express.

You have the choice to design your mind to reflect your truth. You are your own creation.

You can teach yourself how to think your truth. You have the power to re-design your mentality.

Let your heart take the lead and trust your truth.

Play the game of life.


Written 18 March 2021 – Moon ingressing Gemini.

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