Psychic Development : Spiritual Communication

When you come in contact with spirit you are entering a new relationship. The relationship will evolve naturally in time and space.

The way you communicate with spirit is similar to the way you communicate with friends. It is a partnership based on social interactions.

The way you relate is your choice.

With spirit I feel it’s more direct and clearer than with humans. A thought is enough. An action is enough. You being you is enough.

Because spirit feels you, it feels the way you move and the way the whole is moving. So it adapts but if you ask it to.

You show the way.

Spirit has a different timeline. Us humans live in a very slow grounded timeline. Spirit is on a high frequency timeline. So it is for us to adjust our pace and set our boundaries.

In the development of your psychic, it is important to command the way. Don’t let yourself be pulled out by spirit. It can be as dispersing as with the humans or multi-screens.

When we open, we start seeing more in details. We dive into the layers of every illusion. Our progress is into the details and also into the wider vision. We stretch all ways like the sun shining in all directions.

How to handle the flow ?

  • Grounding and centering practice: In the mornings before opening your out channel (thinking outward, switching on your phone, going on the computer, going out of your home, drinking something else than water…)

The best time is “virgin time”, when you awake to a new day you haven’t experienced yet.

Deep breathe

Feel your Connection

Feel your center vibrating

Feel your roots

Feel your connection to the center of earth.

Feel your center.

Feel your higher roots.

Feel your connection to the galactic center.

Feel your center.

Feel your electro-magnetic field.

Feel in your presence.

Be now.

  • Open your channel of transmission :

Adapt your flow out to be sufficient for your flow in.

When you receive, it is important to transmit. If you keep it inside, it is going to accumulate and overload you, then exhaust you.

If you feel a too much, dispersion or confusion, often it is because it wants to flow out.

I consider spirit as ether. As all elements, ether flows through us and interacts with the other elements.

For example, observe how the wind reacts to concrete walls in comparison with its interaction with trees or water surfaces.

Observe how water reacts when the river is blocked.

Your creative expression supports your psychic wellness.

You don’t know how to write, draw, paint, sing, play an instrument, cook, clean, make your products, re-use, dance?

It is the perfect time to start learning. Train your self everyday or regularly. This way you will create new pathways in your own system: new muscle memory, new behaviours, new way of thinking, new many things.

Simply practice.

  • Balanced diet and a lot of water: The way is clear if the body is clear. The water is the base, it helps flush, it cleanses and clarify. Working on your diet is the key to clarity as it will guide you to create a deeper intimacy with you body.

Connect with your guts.

  • Connect with your breath : Breathing conscioulsy and deeply opens and clarifies.
  • Play with divination : Practice transmitting in different languages and with different mediums.

Symbology, numerology, tarot, oracle cards, I Ching, astrology, scrying, pendulum, sounds, colours, chakras, coffee, sand, cloud gazing, etc. There are infinite ways to engage with spirit.

Play the psychic.

  • Ask for unconditional love and light only. Protect your channel.

How to set boundaries?

You take the time to create spaces for communication. Exactly like you would organise to sit with friends to converse and play.

By creating specific moments in your days to connect with your spiritual flow, you strengthen your channel.

If it is calling your attention, give it your attention fully during timespaces you set for it.

Setting boundaries is about being focused on your intention.

It is ok to say no to the flow when it is not the right time. Educate your channel.

During my psychic journey, there was a period when it was too much. Not only I was receiving messages for everyone I’d cross path with but also when I was alone at home I would receive communication for friends and acquaintances. All of it on top of my own messages and wisdom uploading. It was taking a lot of space and it was overwhelming and very dispersing. It triggered me to work with assertiveness on holding my channel. I tell friends when now it’s not the time and I prefer meeting them at another time therefore I did the same with spirit.

Voicing it in my head helped me a lot to strengthen my boundaries. I would say “thank you I receive you but not now thank you” or “do I really need this info?” or “No thank you”.

And I would also focus on my meditative and artistic practices. I realised that I didn’t need to translate into words all I was receiving, I could simply channel the flow through body movement like drawing or dancing.

Yoga is very beneficial too.

Remember to set your channel to receive unconditional love and light transmissions only.

What to do if you receive dense and low frequency energies?

It can be very disturbing to receive dense energies. To strengthen and protect, have a cleansing practice.

You can ask unconditional love and light spirits to help you with that.

Call upon the angels to assist.

How to channel to others?

First you do for you.

Write, talk, sing. Practice transmitting with words. Work in your way of sentencing and vocabulary.

And let it come to you. A friend is asking, say yes and voice out your experience to set the space. It is important that you clearly hold the space for your transmission. You don’t know how the receiver is going to react therefore you set a safe and clear space that you are responsible to hold.

Breathe deeply and don’t rush.

(Will write next about how to set the space for transmissions to others)

Remember you are your own master.

You have the power to own your power.

It is about practice.

If you need help, I offer psychic support. Contact me.

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May you flow with peace and love.


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