The Power of Faith #1 – I believe in me

A serie of articles about the spirit of faith and how to embody it.

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I have faith

Being faithful is being strong within. It’s embracing your own power.

Our strength can feel heavy when we don’t accept it.

If I don’t see myself as strong, I am taming myself.

You may have heard about not giving your power away. Well, we can understand it as seeing yourself as the one in power.

I accept my inner-power

Being powerful may create fear. Maybe a fear of responsibility or a fear of being special. To this fear, answers of guilt or shame may rise: I am not special, who am I to be special?, is this my ego talking?, Some people have less chance than me so I shouldn’t feel this way… blablabla…your mind telling stories.

We all like drama and creating our own stories. They are ours and it’s important to know that others have their own too. You’re not crazy in your own. We are too!

So pick up your stories.

What do you want to believe in?

Do you have faith in your dreams?

Are you making your own mind?

Your life is your story. Yes it is created by many interacting around you. But you are always the one deciding what you want to see.

I create my stories of reality.

These stories may show similarities with others. You may believe in the same as some and in the opposite as others. I believe there is always someone to see our way and someone to see opposite. That’s the magic of life.

Whatever you believe in, you go for it.

Believing in yourself is not only a thought, it’s is a way of being. You live your life integrating this concept of believing in yourself.

It’s full on trust and it can be destabilizing. It’s creating a new balance at each step and it’s taking us away from what we are used to. Believing in yourself is knowing everything you do, you are doing it by choice. It’s knowing you are the creator of your life. When you believe in yourself, you believe in everything within yourself and coming out of yourself. It’s not about being wrong or right, it’s about being centered no matter what. And you know you create your center as well so better believing in what you put inside this category too.

It’s a game of thoughts and perceptions. It’s also a game of physicality, again your choice to see it this way.

I believe all is perception. And I follow my belief by creating my way at every step.

Every detail, I appreciate.

Every moment, I inspire.

I know believing in myself is the way to be.

What I want to say here is make your own mind. Break free from whatever is not what you want. Make your dream your reality. Day by day.

And all of this starts with you.

Ask yourself:

Do I believe in myself unconditionally?

Remember, you are nature and you are always growing. You are here to experience life and enjoy your humanity.

I love you,


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