Poem – I’ve been shushing myself

I’ve been shushing myself down

Telling myself to quiet down

My anger has been tamed

And my shame overwhelmed

Today I observe my sadness

Of this overall madness

When are we going to see

Who we are in reality?

Monsters of destruction

Not caring for reconstruction

We take restless, we give the less

Not appreciating what is on offer

We blind ourselves with manner

I’m saving myself from this difference

By behaving with indifference

Scared instead of curious, judging the miraculous

And exhaustingly trying to control it

We go through life without seeing it

Seeing what is for what it is

Appreciating the other for its authenticity

Learning its ways out of our conformity

Tangled in making considerations

For the fulfillment of our satisfactions

We miss the time of our life

And forget simply what is life

We are here to appreciate our nature

To create, share and nurture

We are here to play with each other

And be inspired by each other

So where are you?

Are you here with me sharing

Or are you there on your phone escaping?

Are you looking at me in the eyes

Or are you pointing your camera in my eyes?

I am here in front of you and I don’t feel you

You create walls around yourself

Blocking the manifestation of your self

Holding your pieces together in an illusion

Is not a supportive solution

One day you will scatter

And finally discover your center

Your survival will depend on yourself

How you care and listen to your own self

You will find support where you never thought it would be possible

Your eyes are going to open wide and allow the stream of life to flow in

You will suddenly be aware of all there is to be seen

As well as the possibilities of the unseen

We call it consciousness

When the details become unique

And the overall magnifique

We are here to be together

And experience with the other

Drop the screens

Drop the masks

Express your needs and trust the other to hold you.

Quiet down and let the universe come to you

Allow yourself the space to receive

Its gifts and surprises

And believe in the best

For yourself and the rest.


Written in Chefchaouen, Morrocco – June 2019

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