Poem – I surrender into the unknown

“Letting go of my self
The one I know
The one I am used to
The self I shaped with an old paradigm

I am letting go of myself
Surrendering to life
Surrendering to love
Surrendering to my heart

I let go of my thoughts as they are patterns of the past
The judgements that blocked me
The fear that tenses me
The anger that boils me up

I let go of the known
I bathe in the unknown

May the darkness surround me
May the darkness keep me safe from the intrusions
May the darkness reveal my beauty

Once I shut down the light,
I create a new space
A space of unknown
A space to explore
And as the light is not showing off
I can finally take a moment

To breathe
To slow down
To feel my heart

My inner light growing like a baby birthing
Feeling safe to explore the space
Feeling supported to show its Self
Feeling accepted to express its voice

My space
My self
My voice

I surrender”

Written in Opotiki, New Zealand. Last quarter waning moon – April 2020

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