Poem – A vaccine

A vaccine to control what I feel
Helping me to not sway with my emotions
Controlling my heart’s actions
And supporting my conformity
Why not a vaccine?
To poison my inside and keep me safe from outside
A substance to cultivate my fear
But make me think I’m safe.
A vaccine to save the world,
Or to contain us in sick ways?
Fear or acceptance, where does my heart balance?

I created my vaccine already, the one adapted to my body.
I clarified my mind from fear, anger and guilt,
I can dose it how I wish and administrate it whenever I need.
The vaccine of wholeness, the one that supports me to be.
I take hold of my health, I open my vision.
I care for my self at every step.
A vaccine filling my mind with acceptance and forgiveness.
A vaccine of gratitude and abundance.
A vaccine I choose for myself.
I say yes to our health,
Yes to our expansion.

What have you done during this quarantine?
Have you addressed your fear and your boredom?
Have you stopped behaviours that hurt you?
Have you studied new ways to care for your health?
Have you created a change to adapt to the new birthing?
What are you applying for yourself?
Have you isolated to reassess?
Or did you dwell in your mess?
It’s always time to work for your health
Why not doing something caring and supportive right now?


Written in New Zealand, 1 May 2020

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