013 – The Magic of Daily Rituals

In this episode I am sharing my vision of rituals and how I integrate them into my daily life.

I talk about holding space, creating spacetime, present moment, focus and boundaries.

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012 – Power of Affirmation

You are the master of your mind.

You can redesign the way you think and transform yourself working with your thinking ways.

In this episeod, we explore the power of affirmation ; what is an affirmation ? How to create your affirmation ? How is it powerful ? …

By redesign your thinking, you transform yourself.

You have the power !




010 – Trilingual moontime : english, castellano, français

I am taking you on a moon magic moment. I started to connect with the astral dimension and spirit by singing at night with the moon. As I am comfortable in many tongues, I usually let the words flow out of me wihtout thinking. Channeling is about letting ourselves express what we feel. I translate the viobrations into songs and stories of here&now.

It is very new for me to share this intimate moment between my selves and the universe.

I wish to transmit our maghic and how our voice can flow naturally.




008 – Masters of Time

Let’s explore the dimension of time and its infinite possibilities/realities. What is time and how are we masters of our time ?

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Love & Sparkles


007 – Self Care Habits 3 Supportive tricks

We are going on talking about our self care habits. In this third chapter, I share with you some of my magic tricks to support me self-caring no matter the situation at play. Our self care is to be received and given anytime, anywhere. Our capacity of adaptation is key to our self care.

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