Here & Now – Playful energies

Are you feeling yourself being pulled from one side to the other? Are you having miscommunications? Or maybe feeling both opposites at the same time? A funny feeling?

Gemini likes playing 😉. The energies are blowing everywhere. They are taking our mind in all corners of the immensity of everything.

Don’t let yourself be confused or pulled to new extremes. It’s ok to think about them but don’t start questioning and creating doubts where there are not.

Experience this moment as light and funny. We are being guided in surprising ways and now it’s time to play with ourselves. And allow new to show up surprisingly.

We are now entering June which is the month of the solstice. A change of season is soon happening. So let’s enjoy the end of this season with playfulness.

If you feel your mind being confused, remember who you are and what you wish for. Take a moment to come back here and now with your mind and appreciate what is.

Our mind loves juggling with thoughts but it doesn’t mean it is incoherent. It simply shows our capacity of expansion and the infinity of our imagination. We are lucky to play 😁

Playing also includes meeting others. It’s time to enjoy with friends, to go out together and play with the beauty of life on our earth.

Share your stories, joke with friends and have a laugh.

Life is fun 😂

You know you’re loved 💖


Picture: Beach fun, Rabat, Morocco

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