Pisces Season – CLEAN & CLEAR

Our sun ingresses the house of Pisces around February 19th. It will transit through this sign until around March 20th when it will ingress the house of Aries.

The wheel is cycling, life is happening, we are evolving.

Let’s observe the Pisces cycle:

Pisces is the last house of the astrological wheel. It brings an energy of completion guiding us into a renewal.

Pisces is bringing us a DEEP CLEANSE. Its energy is guiding us to clear out our emotional load. When we make the move to go forward we have to decide what we take with us and what we don’t.

We are coming from the cycle in Aquarius which lead us to clarify our vision. We are now seeing with a new mind what we have and what we are doing. It is a process and it is happening day by day. Every one at its own timing.

Remember everything is connected. Your mechanism of being shows itself in your thoughts pattern. It means the way you deal with your emotions is a reflection of the way you deal with your thinking.

Letting go is us accepting to transform our way of being.

You release emotionally as well as mentally. One can’t happen without the other. You are one.

The Piscean energy is associated with the element of water and our emotions. Water flows and will find its way to go through. I invite you to be inspired by water. Observe, learn and apply to yourself.

Sometimes we don’t process our emotions and they go into storage. It builds up in a weight that we carry around. It also takes space within and creates a resistance in our flow of being.

We are supported by the energies to cleanse. That’s great! What a release when we let go.

Our thoughts often block the way out. The way we think shows where we are holding on to. So observe where you are looping and get out. Allow yourself to drop the tension. This tension is keeping in what wants to come out.

Our emotions just want to go through, like a river flowing. No need to think about it.

It can feel intense to allow your deep emotions to come out. Actually, it can be freaky. You may feel you are going to fall into pieces. In a way yes because you are going to let it out once and for all. But this sensation of crumbling will pass to then become an enlightening feeling. Releasing is taking the heavy load outside so you don’t have to carry it anymore.

When we unlock our flow, what was stuck is freed. Then, we feel lighter and clearer.

I trust.

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of letting yourself release, it’s ok. Practice self care and learn how to support yourself. This way you know you have the ressources to hold yourself no matter what. An emotional release happens, you can’t push it. Actually, you have to stop pushing to flow naturally.

When release flows out, the space created is CLARITY.

During Pisces season, I am in an emotional heaven. I feel purity and clarity. It feels like angels are around embracing us and carrying us. So we can accept to be us and act for our dreams.

I live my dream.

Go for what you want to create. Take action now so you can step by step experience it as you go. Our experience happens now. What we want to achieve happens now. Our every steps are part of our success.

I want peace, I act peacefully now.

Stop waiting for “I don’t know what” to happen. Stop blocking your manifestation with your thoughts. Let your true self come out now.

I express my self.

Open the doors to your release by practicing many ways of expression. Open up to play with what is.

Life flows unveiling its beauty at every moment.

To inspire :

You do you, I do me,

We love you.


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