Pisces Season 2022

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel ; our journey comes to a completion,

The completion of your year happens guided by destiny. You might get surprised by what comes your way !

Who is the storyteller of your experience ?

Transiting from Aquarius

Access here the last Energy report.

Aquarius has guided us to assess where we’re at, what we have accomplished already and appreciate what we already have.

The timespace you have taken for self reflection and self regeneration will show its benefits during this Pisces season. And if you haven’t done the work yet, do it.

How are you honouring how you feel ?

How are you nourishing your whole ?

How are you trusting your process ?

Lightness of water

Let’s observe the elemental game of this Pisces season. First Pisces is a mutable water sign, a water sign that feels lighter and more like ether. For me Aquarius and Pisces are ether sign, they get us to the higher and wider realms of life.

We are going beyond the seen and unseen, we are going in a place of sensing. Sensing what vision is calling us to embrace (Aquarius) and sensing how to flow in this Multidimensionality (Pisces).

Pisces is the vastness, it’s this element flowing everywhere and in everyone. Not only can we relate it to the ocean of our emotions, it is also the ethereal dimensionality. Our sensations, our intuition, our psychic.

Pisces is all we can sense, in all dimensions of space and time.

For the ones with a strong Pisces energy in their chart, you might experience this feeling of being part of the other or even feeling part of the whole in motion. I believe everyone can feel that, it is just about opening yourself to go beyond, to a place you can’t think about before you have experienced and learned from it.

…And only stories can tell how it felt.

Exploring our ethereal sense feels like magic.

So our sun, big ball of fire, is transiting through Pisces. Not only, Jupiter is also enjoying the piscean realm (until May 11th). Sun and Jupiter have both this warmth and powerful vibe. They are both forever (from a perspective) consuming, they are gas giants consuming to exist. It’s interesting to reflect on the properties of fire with these two. The existence of fire is because it is consuming itself. To preserve fire you have to feed it. It’s not fussy, it just will burn everything on its way. This energy reflects our willpower. This inner fire burning inside of us. A fire that needs to be nourished and also that needs the space to burn which would be our self expression.

The seat of our willpower is our third chakra (fire element), which is held by the second chakra (nourishment, water sign) . So here observing the sun and Jupiter in Pisces I have this strong feeling of allowing our self to be nourished by the flow to be able to act appropriately.

If you want to go too fast, you’ll be exhausting your self ; it is difficult to run in the water. If you don’t act you’ll be overwhelmed ; you drown if you keep your head under water.

Playing with water safely requires balance and intelligence.

I invite you to contemplate the dance of water and fire.

Piscean Travels

Journeying through Pisces is guiding you to strenghten your willpower. To believe that you are on your path and trust that all is happening on time.

Pisces has faith in the flow. It also knows it can act no matter the environment. Because it lives in the multidimensionality so if one reality is resisting, there is another one where there is space to go forward.

We always have the choice to perceive our reality one way or another. The question to set your direction is how do you wish to see your life ?

Aquarius has been teaching you, now it is time to embody.

Is your present moment part of your destiny ?

Are you home here and now ?

The piscean energy is at home everywhere because it is the flow. No matter the dimension of reality.

It is time to accept all the weirdness you’ve been pushing aside. It time to embrace what seems to be crazy.

The voices, the signs, the extra sensorial feelings, the supernatural experiences, the magic of life, accept them as parts of reality.

I cross path with many people that have extrasensory experiences and being in fear of them, scared of spirit…

So I am inviting you all to go beyond your thoughts, beyond the scary movie stories, the oppressive religious stories, beyond all pre-conditioning stories and tales. And really experience with an open mind.

There is more than what you may see or feel.

During this Pisces season,

Train your self-awareness,

Create a specific TimeSpace for your intuition and psychic.

And for your creative expression.

And if you don’t know where to begin, simply start by journaling everyday, words or drawings, let your hands move the way they wish. Go beyond the weirdness and mental resistances. Just do it.

Open a space for your magic to express.

You have the right to believe that you are more than what meets the eyes.

You have the right to express your magic out loud.

You have the right to transform and evolve.

You have the right to believe in yourself.

Your unique self is valuable.

The grandeur of life

I feel this Pisces season is a grand expansion for all of us.

Keep your vision strong and trust your self to navigate the unknown safe and supported.

There is always a part of you that feels at home and knows what’s going on.

Rest & Regenerate if your body is asking for it. Trust this time of cellular recalibration is exactly what you need and will clarify your next step magically. Dive into it.

Trust how you feel, change you stories to align with your truth. Truth is an experience not a belief system. Our belief system is a creation of our human mind.

Who is the storyteller of your experience ?

May this Pisces season lead you to trust your magic self.

Love from all realms,


You need a guide ? : I help you navigate the multidimensionality, own your psychic and trust your intuition. Contact me here.

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