Signs – Pisces, Mercury Retrograde & Full Moon

Another story of our moment. Inspired by our sky and the change of season, I am taking you on a ride with the languages of wisdom.

This message has been inspired at a specific moment but I believe the specific moment is not attached to a date.

This message is for the one who is attracted to it. Follow the signs…

March 20th/21st, it’s full moon, the sun enters Aries and it’s spring equinox in the northern hemisphere (autumn in the southern hemisphere). Oh yeah!

Last week we also had a new moon in Pisces (when the moon meets the sun), Mercury started its retrograde time in Pisces (until March 28th) too and Uranus entered Taurus (where it will be for the next 7 years). What a time we are experiencing!

Let’s observe Pisces. It’s a water and mutable sign. Water is emotions, how we feel and mutable means changing. I see fishes flowing around in the wide ocean. Fishes following their intuition to create their way in this maze of beauty. Yes that’s how it might feel these days.

Chill and be creative.

And the mercury retrograde is asking us to observe our ways of communicating with ourselves and others, as usual. And this time we are all flowing in the infinite waters ahah. Have you observe yourself questioning a bit more do I do this or this? Is you mind changing ideas more often than usual? Do you observe yourself or others being a bit more dreamy than usual? Or other weird behaviors you’re having compare to “usual”?

For example, I am observing myself being clumsy which I am not usually. I know it’s not for me to notice tension or hurry. No, it’s because its Pisces coolness refreshing my ways of doing. And Mercury whispering “keep cool Oce” each time I drop something. I am smiling and enjoying this funny time with myself. I relax.

Pisces is cool 😉

If impatience arises, let it go and accept the moment. If your plans are being changed, let it flow. Now we are being guided to chillax. Whatever you are going for this new year, following your resolutions and new projects, it is happening at its own rhythm. And now is a time to calm down and enjoy our life happening.

Enjoy this time to dream.

Look at the sky,

Visualise your projects happening,

I daydream.

Allow yourself to think that everything is possible. Let go of any mental resistance.

We can’t block the flow of the ocean. Well you can try but tension and tiredness might result. And if you feel this way, allow yourself a rest.

I hear many saying “I can’t do nothing” and they’re right. We are always doing. So do resting, do daydreaming.

Treat your mind with some daydreaming time.

The tendency is to think about what we’re doing, what we’re going to do and the planning possible for all of that.

As you allow your body a rest, do the same for your mind.

A mindful rest 😉

Let your thoughts flow in magic dimensions: your dreams coming true. Yes 😀

Gaze at the sky, look at the moon, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the wind blowing, the sounds around…

Life is beautiful!

You are in the transition and seeing clearer your future so take a moment to enjoy now. This moment of clarity, this moment of transformation is happening only now so breathe and chill with its appreciation.

Remember step by step. Trust the process.

And enjoy your game of life 😀

More inspiration:

I love you 💖🦄🙏


Picture of the sky now. I feel blessed of the infinity of weathers offered by our nature. 😉

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