Energy report – Full Moon Pisces September 2021

Feeling pulled and pushed by my own

Tangled between all dimensions

I learn to trust the flow and chill

How is it flowing?

This full moon vibes with the Virgo-Pisces axis energy.

An opposition guiding us to integrate our flow in our ground and organise our ground to hold our flow.

We are the one holding ourselves and our first and most important container is our physical body. Your vital force is flowing through you.

My health is my responsibility.

We have a lot of conditionning regarding our health and how to care for our self. Have you observed the amount of medicine traditions,; perpectives, techniques and possibilities for healing? Why one would be better? Maybe we each have our “better” one suited to the situation at play?

How are you healing yourself?

When you feel pain or hurt, what is your first reaction?

How do you take charge of your healing process?

Remember that the only one that can truly do the work is you.

Our bodies regenerate naturally, look how much we can do to ourselves and we are still standing and breathing, this shows how powerful we are. Nonetheless, we have been raised in a society that doesn’t care really. We have learned to give responsibility to pharmaceutical companies and money/controlling power focused industries instead of learning how to feel onself and adapt our care to sustain our nature;

Why do I feel oppressed by a point of view made of pills and injections? Nature offers so much at our doorstep, why complicating our life all the time?

Taking action for our health is in every moment, every move can be made with self-love. Not a controling harsh way illusion of self-love but instead a gentle and soft embracing way of self-caring.

Caring for our extraordinary nature is acting with care for our extraordinary nature. It’s simple.

Natural Care

Your inner and outter nature need care. Mother earth is an expansion of yourself, you are a part of earth therefore if you wish for health, take actions for eath health too.

Care for the grass, the sand, the trees, the air, the insects, your food ingredients, what you consume, etc.

I care for my nature.

Be inspired by your nature.

We live in cycles. Observe how nature evolves, it is the same for us.

It is normal to cycle, to have moments feeling like this and others like that. There is nothing wrong with the change of our mood. Please appreciate your emotional flow because if you don’t accept it you block yourself and complications arise.

Appreciating is also caring for your emotions. You hold yourself.

This full moon is showing us how we hold ourselves in the forever flowing cycles of life.

Trust the flow

How do you trust your self care?

Trusting the flow is not only having faith in life’s guidance, it is also having faith in our own embrace.

No matter what is happening, trust your self-care to sustain your self.

Pisces energy is a water-ether feeling. You feel you want to detach, go away, space out. You just want to let it be and float with the energies. Daydream and create.

Virgo is a practical and detailed organiser and wish to serve you. It brings you down to the ground.

I trust the flow.

Trusting can be challenged by the events of our life. When we feel in this threshold, when we have taken action for the change but still don’t know where it’s taking us, where we feel in this in between two chapters of our life…

It’s ok to worry. You don’t know and it feels weird doesn’t it? But does worrying reassures you ? Are you thinking with care and love ?

What is trust for you ?

How do you think trust?

How do you act trust?

If you worry, come back to your ground, inside your physical body and listen to its messages.

Let your body guide you.

And if it’s not clear, ask for guidance.

Ethereal Connection.

Pisces is after Aquarius in the astro wheel, and I feel both these energies vibrating with what we call ether.

Ether is this magic we are bathing in. It is the portal to our dreams, to the multidimensional. It is important to ground ether for it to be balanced.

Your body, your mental, your emotional, your spiritual need the magic ethereal spacetime to be, to express, to feel.

To activate your ether, take the time to gaze, daydream and contemplate.

Roll on your floor if you feel like it.

Dance with the wind if you feel like it.

Sing with the birds if you feel like it.

Let your creative express without expectations.

Allow yourself to vibe the moment without trying to analyse it, think about it or assess it.

Observe how it feels and not how your mental is processing it. Sometimes it feels good to detach to clarify.

And for that it’s nice to be comfortable. That’s how Virgo takes charge of the situation:

Which environment do I truly need now to set myself with comfort, feel safe and held to simply be?


And contact a friend to share your dream of being alive too. We are all feeling the flow flowing. We all have the space to be.

More inspirations :

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May the Love Force Be with You,


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