Pisces Magic – Daydream

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel. It is the home of Neptune, planet of dreams and illusions. In this message we observe the piscean magic spirit of dreaming.

This message is for the one who is attracted to it. Follow the signs…

Pisces in astrology is a water and mutable sign. Water is emotions, how we feel and mutable means changing. I see fishes flowing around in the wide ocean. Fishes following their intuition to create their way in this maze of beauty.


The power of pisces resides in its freeflow. It is about letting go and letting ourself be : Embrace every moment in its essence and accept what is.

If impatience arises, let it go and accept the moment. If your plans are being changed, let it flow. You are being guided to chill. Pisces season is when the sun ingresses the sign end onf february until end of march. This season is a time to calm down and enjoy our life happening.

Be creative.

Dreaming space.

Look at the sky, gaze at the plants, play with the birds and insects,

Visualise what is in front of you, what is with you in this present moment.

I daydream.

Allow yourself to think that everything is possible. Let go of any mental resistance. No matter your past and the collective ideas, belive in infinite.

We can’t block the flow of the ocean. Well you can try but tension and tiredness might result. And if you feel this way, allow yourself a rest.

I hear many saying “I can’t do nothing” and they’re right. We are always doing. So do resting, do daydreaming.

Treat your mind with some daydreaming time.

The tendency is to think about what we’re doing, what we’re going to do and the planning possible for all of that.

As you allow your body a rest, do the same for your mind.

A mindful rest.

Let your thoughts flow in magic dimensions: your dreams coming true. Yes.

Gaze at the sky, look at the moon, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the wind blowing, the sounds around…

Life is beautiful!

You are in the transition and seeing clearer your future so take a moment to enjoy now. This moment of clarity, this moment of transformation is happening only now so breathe and chill with its appreciation.

Remember step by step. Trust the process.

And enjoy your game of life.

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We love you,


Picture of the sky now. I feel blessed of the infinity of weathers offered by our nature.

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