Cycles of generations

Breaking free from the last generations.

We are here today thanks to the last generations that lead us here. Whatever we think of the past, it got us here. And this cycle is repeating itself endlessly, generations after generations. And the beauty is we are leaving with different generations at the same time. We can access the past talking to our elders and the future observing our children. All of it is happening in the present moment.

We are always evolving. And if we observe the cycles we can see that we always need the same: water, food, a safe place to sleep, a human community. For that we create cups, plates, houses and ways of communication. When I observe ancient civilisations, I see myself in another dimension of time.

Yes maybe they didn’t have phones but they created ways to communicate.

They didn’t have freezers but found ways to storage food.

Our technology can blind ourselves. It can make us think we are more advanced. I wonder what make us think that? More than who?

Because when I observe our evolution I only see cycles of repetition.

Families growing and reproducing. We are a continuity of many.

The repetition of cycles is evolution. The sky is a great example. It’s a beautiful mechanism and it feels safe because we can access its past and predict its future.

Imagine if the earth was changing its motion randomly, wow that would create chaos in our well ordered society. It would affect our nature: plants, flowers, animals and us.

I find it amazing to live in cycles.

So my question is: do you want to be leading the change or be a victim?

Suffering your evolution or stepping in it actively?

Responsibility is yours.

No one is responsible for your actions,

No one is responsible for your thoughts.

You are the one acting and reacting. Your reaction is an answer to a situation and it’s your choice.

You are leading how you live your evolution. The words you choose to experience life. The feelings you feel in the present.

Let’s accept we are beings of cycles and let go of the control creating our numbness.

I love to be part of my generation and see the differences and similarities with the other generations.

Our diversity shows how evolution is growth in infinite directions.

Let’s enjoy the cycles and be leaders of our evolution!

More about evolution and cycles here.

Thanks for reading my thoughts about generations…I got inspired visiting Crete in Greece.

It’s always nice to chat about life 😉

Sparkles of love 💖

Océanie 😂

On the picture: Knossos in Crete, May 2019.

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