Patience vs Waiting

Patience is a power to be cultivated.

Are you being patient or are you waiting for something to happen?

Wait and patience are not the same.

Patience is not waiting. Waiting is based on expectations.

In the French language, expectations, attentes, is a word made of the verb “to wait”, attendre. An expectation is what we are waiting for.

Being patient is accepting what is and doing with the flow offered to us.

Patience can come from wait and wait can emerge from patience. There is a fine line between the two.

Waiting may block our free will.

When I wait for something to happen I might stop myself from doing what I want to do for the “in case”.

The “yes but if” stops us from going forward and creating a change. The waiting wheel is a cheeky one because when the object of our wait happens, we then often fall into another kind of wait.

The wait is infinite. It is making loops in our mind.

When waiting becomes a mental activity it creates unhealthiness. It creates pressure.

The wait wants to be fulfilled, it wants to be freed.

The expectations are in action. They want a certain answer and they close themselves to their own freedom.

Observe how your expectations, open or close, are tricky to deal with.

Finding the balance to our expectations.

Is it possible to not expect? To be in a permanent state of something else? What is not expecting? Is it numbing me from wanting something else?

When we expect we want something to happen but aren’t things always happening?

We are living in a permanent change. The constant is movement. We are moving and things are evolving always.

So expectations can create a stop in this constant flow. We block ourselves to see the change happening because we are waiting for a specificity. We set our eyes on a detail. And this can close our view. From that “expected” perspective we may miss new opportunities, because they don’t fit our expectations.

It’s like we get stuck in one way instead of allowing ourselves the chance of being surprised by the new.

Set your expectations wisely to open the doors to see the opportunities coming your way.

Remember all is here. We just need to see it.

Love, Océanie.

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