Pabuk, another life experience.

2019 jan 5 – Aloha,

Today I’m reacting strongly to what I’ve read and seen about people’s reaction to Pabuk (tropical storm in Thailand 2019) in the western world. I’ve been turning around my home feeling my inside volcano about to explode. What I want is exploding love and compassion not anger and disappointment. I am fighting for love and union. So here I am, full on lion, roaring to the world.🦁

I explain how it’s all happening. First I receive “be safe” messages and I have to admit I didn’t really understand why suddenly friends in Europe were telling me to be safe…no one ever told me to be safe during rainy seasons in Cambodia, where I lived nine years. It makes me wonder how the situation of the storm is being seen in the west. How the medias are showing our situation here?

You see when something happens that seems to call your attention (for me the “be safe” messages), it’s a moment for you to look at the other one point of view. If your attention is being teased, look around the situation to understand what’s happening here.

That’s what I did. I asked Miss Google to show me the vision of the west. What a shock!

Basically tourists on holidays are stranded during a tropical storm. Are they safe? Are they being taken care of?

I tell you this is bullshit! I am so annoyed by the western collective being so close minded.

Tourists are visiting a tropical country and they get to live a tropical storm. From my point of view this is a lifetime experience. You are in lock down in a foreign country with a different way of life and you get to witness an extraordinary weather event. Wow this is life happening!

First message:

Open your eyes to the experience you’re living now.

I keep going…”are the tourists safe?”

Yes they are. They are in concrete buildings, resorts and hotels. And also because their homes are safe in their home country. The question should be directed to the Thai, not the visitors.

It’s their homes being endangered. Their lives being turned upside down.

The tourists are the ones safe here, they have the possibility to get out after the storm. The Thai people are the ones who are going to have to rebuilt and adapt to the change.

If you are a tourist now in the storm, observe how life is happening and do the best to support and help. You are not the one whose life is being flooded and swiped away here.

Second message:

See the other one’s point of view.

From this situation, learn how the locals are handling the situation. Observe and be part of it.

From my experience living in the coastline of Cambodia, we get crazy tropical storms all rainy season. We are flooded, no electricity, tiles are flying, etc. I’ve seen electric boxes explode, roofs flying and my home flooding…every year.

This is life. Nature breathes and lives everywhere. It’s happening in unique ways in every part of the world. Some places nature is more balanced in her expression, some places nature is wilder 😂.

🙏💖 Thank you for your concern. I receive your love. Being safe is important.


Now, let’s observe what’s happening on a bigger scale: it’s the beginning of a new year, new moon in Capricorn (the moon and sun are in the house of Capricorn), Saturn is also in Capricorn (its home), first solar eclipse of the year and more planetary aspects I’m still learning to translate 😋.

It’s full on Capricorn, an earth sign. Earth is your ground, your home, your materiality. Earth is your physical safety. We are vibrating with this energy now.

How am I safe?

What do I need to get to guarantee my material safety? What do I want to make my family safe?

The universe and mother nature are asking us to reflect on how I make myself and my loved ones safe. How do I provide for my safety and their safety?

We are also feeling an energy of action. Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion is at home in Sagittarius, a fire sign. And Mars, the planet of action, is now in Aries, a fire sign. Fire is action. Action is heated.

If you want to deepen your reflection: Observe the elements of earth and fire on their own. Then observe how they interact, their relationship. Observe in nature 😉

More inspiration:

Thank you 🙏

I love you ♥️


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