Overwhelmed by Love

Love can be overwhelming. You know when someone says thank you and we have this tendency to block ourselves form receiving this thank you. That’s an exemple and receiving love is a constant state, it’s not only in the interaction with the other.

You receive love from yourself. You receive love from nature. You receive love from everything.

I breathe in Love

I breathe out Love

When I feel overwhelmed by this love, I take a moment to breathe deeply. I tell myself I deserve it. I tell myself it’s ok to feel emotional about it. It is love and it’s powerful. So yes I am a bit overwhelmed each time. And I guess working on myself to accept this love coming in at every moment is helping me to ground and embrace my emotions.

I am grateful to life.

I am grateful to be alive.

I am grateful to be here and now.

Of course sometimes I feel unease where I am and I am reacting in all sorts of ways. Sometimes I keep it all inside which builds up pressure. Sometimes I take it all out towards the people around me. I make mistakes as I experience life. How can I know how to react in accordance with the others’feelings at all times? I also have to handle my own.

I am learning to express how I feel at every step. Do I say too much or not enough? Is it fair to tell how I feel? Do I have the right to feel the way I do? So many questions bouncing in my mind and really not helping me to ground and appreciate the moment.

My own judgment is cluttering my reality. I start creating reasons and justifications about the situation instead of simply accepting how I feel. When I start making reasons there is a risk to project to the other’s situation. There is a risk to blend my own feelings with what I feel from the outside. There is a fine line between us and I am learning to express simply. I tried to rationalize and it doesn’t work. It creates drama and drama creates more drama and it doesn’t support my well-being nor the other’s.

I don’t know how to express in words how I feel so I say I need time alone. I don’t know how I feel sometimes so I say I don’t know. It’s ok to feel lost and confused. We are living a revolution of our reality. Everything seems to be changing at the same time. The climate is cycling, earth is rotating, the planets are moving and some days I feel overwhelmed by it and it’s ok.

I call on compassion to embrace me. I remember I am here to experience. I remind myself to love myself no matter what.

And I self-care.

You know because I talk about it in every story I publish.

Receiving love starts with you.

Give it to yourself first. Create your own cycle of abundance. When you communicate with yourself first, that’s how you learn to communicate to the others.

How do I feel now?

I feel grateful to share my experience of life through my writings.

How do you feel now?

I love you and support you on your journey.

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Océanie 🙏

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