Online Group Sessions

Every session will take you in the multidimensional reality. Each session is a sacred space for all of us to transform.

Practice magic now.

Learn to integrate unconditionnal love now.

Manifest your spirit now.

Healing Cave :

A cave is a space of darkness to see our light. A healing cave session is a magic space to connect, heal and integrate. The themes are inspired by the momentum of the present moment.

Every session is unique and answers your personal challenge of now.

We enter the cave by grounding and centering. Then I, with spirit, will guide you on a healing journey. We will come out of the healing cave feeling free and strong.

A healing cave is an energy work session. You cleanse and enlight. You learn how to work with energy and spirit. You practice embodying and strenghtening your magnetic/energy field.

Practical organisation :

  • These sessions are in tiny intimate groups (3 max).
  • Sessions on Zoom.
  • Duration : about 44 minutes
  • Set yourself comfortably in a quiet space with a glass of water.
  • Participation of 22(Revolut or Paypal)

Magic Studio :

A studio is a space of expression and creation. In the Magic Studio, you learn about your powers and how to free your magic.

Being my self is an art.

I am here inspired by spirit to share wisdom and to teach you tricks and techniques to support your manifestation. In the studio you practice with magic tools and languages of interpretation.

You learn how to follow your heart and express your spirit.

Practical organisation :

  • Pre-defined theme.
  • These sessions are in small groups (6 max).
  • Sessions on Zoom.
  • Duration : about 1h33
  • Set yourself comfortably in a quiet space with a glass of water.
  • Bring your study journal and your colours.
  • Participation of 22€ (Revolut or Paypal)

Trust your intuition. Expect magic.

Upcoming :

To book :

  • Send me your name,
  • Name and date of session

by email : contactoceanie @ gmail .com

or by whatsapp :

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