Energy report – October 2021

Energy forecast inpsired by the new moon phase in Libra, the astro time and the feeling of the beginning of the month of October 2021. It is an intuitive channeled message addressed to who is receiving it now reading it.

This is a story among infinite possibilities of stories. There is a message for you if you are seeking answers. I share from my heart to yours.

The new is happening now. Your body is loud about it. So it is time to do new for yourself. Close up your last chapter and get going in your new!

What is calling out for my attention inside ?

I answer all calls with Compassion and Acceptance.

I act to reassure, embrace and care for.

I Trust Me

Remember we are still cycling with the energies of the last full moon : read here.

Astro Chat

Here find the list of astro transits : October 2021 Astro time

*Venus in Scorpio wants beauty in all corners of our depths. She is travelling into the underworld to clarify her light. Venus loves her material beauty, she is embodying the Goddess.

Venus would tell you now :

Yes I am Empress of my Empire ! May my space be clean and organised to support my way. I am Sovereign of my body, I care deeply for all its parts.

*Mercury retrograde in Libra is putting its finger on all little unclear points. Little tensions may arise and project in your social communications. It is quite hilarious actually to flow in this electric unclarity. (Mercury is home in Gemini.)

Mercury would tell you now :

“Yes I am flying. I am here and there enjoying the space. My ability to communicate is multidimensional. No matter the circumstances, I find a clear way to interact. And if there is constriction in the channel, I will create a bump in your road so you can do something about it!”

If your screen reacts differently, have you thought it might want to pass a message to you ? Why not communicating with ourselves through our envirronement ? Mercury is a trickster and will face you with thoughts you didn’t even know exsited in you. Mecury is lightness and playfulness.

Clarify your way by expressing clearly how you feel.

Full Moon in Aries before the sun diving into Scorpio is powerful ! It is a big boost of fire energy to guide our way through the Scorpio Season. I will share more about it in my Full Moon report.

A lot is happening, a usual, life is alive! I will discuss more about it all on my Patreon.


Stepping into the new you are

It is now time to let things be fair

Don’t you deserve your best?

Listen to your inner voice, to your body’s voice, to your intuition. Trust that your body knows and can communicate with you clearly if you are willing to deepen your relationship with yourself. Inner Communication is a good foundation for social communication. The way you connect with all parts of your self is important.

The way we relate to our collective is important.

Heart-Centered Magic

What is Self-Love ? How do I act on it ? How do I express it ?

Allowing yourself to live the life you deserve creates a magic vortex around you and it spreads to everyone around you. Your self-Love is a magic virus. It transforms the vibe and sparks light around you. Don’t we want the best for our familly, friends and neighbours ?

Don’t fall in the trap of your ego sharing illusions of “the best you”, especially if it is in comparison with others. Your mental doesn’t know, your mental knows the past. Your body knows. So instead of getting worried and frustrated by your thoughts, reasure them telling them you are caring and you are acting new so yes it feels unsettling but it is supposed to be.

“Being fair with yourself” might guide you to take a rest, it might guide you to start a new venture, it might tell you to take actions for your healing, it might tell you to change your diet…

I am fair.

Be open to receive the new possibilities.

Feel them before thinking them.

No matter the plan, be flexible to allow your expansion !

You might get surprised by what life offers you…


My new enterprise !

A bit about me.

Yes I am in the new too ! It has been some time I am questioning how to organise fairly my offer of services. I played with many tools and ways, I enjoyed all of them ! And today the guidance is to create my own support, can you hear it too? It is about setting a new direction from a sustainable ground. We are integrating the Virgo lessons by acting out on them. It is all happening and I am happy to share with you my new sustainable creation!

I started a Patreon, Patreon is a platform supporting Creatives. You can subscribe to different channels of transmission. I am now a Creative looking for patrons to support my work and also who want more insights and teachings from me. I wish to serve you in ways you deserve and I feel Patreon is a tool for me to do that and create specialised content for the ones who want it. I love diving deeper and would be happy to feed you insights on Astro, Symbology, Spacetime, Divine Timing, Energy Care and Light Infusion on my Patreon Magic Space.

Check Out my Patreon here.


October is the 10th month of a well-known calendar, so I observe 10.

I see 10 as a fire starter, it is this energy sparking new actions. It is the birth of a new cycle. One cycle has been completed and a new one can start. The new is very new and it has to go through a process of growth to blossom and show fully itself.

Be patient with yourself and Focus on how you move.

Gratitude to all

Thank you for being you. Whoever is reading or not these words, I am deeply grateful that you are sharing this moment in time with me and all of us.

I am alive, I feel Love and my joy is infinite.

I wish you to feel Magic too.

May you embrace the Force !


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