Astro Time – October 2021

As there is a lot happening for us, I wish to show you in many ways that we are guided and all is happening on time. All we need to know is inside of us but our emotions sometimes clutter our vision. The timeline offered by astrology shows me that there is a greater mechanism and helps me to focus on the guidance of here and now.

So, here is an overview of this month’s vibe.

October 2021 Transits

  • When we enter October :

Mars transits Libra

Venus transits Scorpio

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces ~21-20°

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn ~24°

  • October Transit Events :

September 22/23 : Sun ingresses Libra

September 27 : Start Mercury retrograde – Read about Mercury Retrograde

October 6/7 : New moon Libra – Read about it… on time

October 8 : Venus ingresses Sagittarius*

October 11 : Saturn retrograde goes direct in Aquarius

October 18 : Jupiter retrograde goes direct in Aquarius

October 19 : End Mercury Retrograde

October 20/21 : Full Moon Aries – Read about it… on time

October 23/24 : Sun ingresses Scorpio – Read about it… on time

October 31 : Mars ingresses Scorpio

Exciting !!!

*Venus is coming from her dive into the Scorpian waters to now rise into the Sagittarian fire. Exciting! I’ll chat about it of course!

*Scorpio is associated with the underworld, the depths of the water. Mars vibes the active masculine principle, it about acting. On this symbolic Celebrations date, the masculine is diving into the underworld. I will share more about it throught October-November (It resonates with my vibe, I have Mars in Scorpio).

All will be revealed on time.

May Love be Your Guide,


Magic Now ~ Libra & October 2021

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