Story – 14h44

28 August 2018 – 14h44

Wow!Wow!WOW! When I see 14h44, when I notice a sign, I take a moment to listen to its message. I propose to transport you in my spiritual world where my mind translates in words how I feel at the moment.

Thank you again for your presence and taking a moment to reassure the human me. What an experience! It’s taking me in all extremes. Every polarity I can imagine and create! This is extraordinary and without your presence I would be so lost. I’m becoming aware, your presence is created by my consciousness.

I created a support group to be with me all along the path.

This is being compassionate with myself! This observation transmits me pride 🙂 I ask for your support everyday and you are here. As I’m noticing your signs, I strengthen my faith in you. From a deep centered point of view, I support my own self. Yes, I allow myself to believe in something so magical we can’t describe it in one word. It has been tried many times and is still not going on well as believers of one name fight over believers of another name. Well it’s just a name…

…15h33…my eyes are now staring at the time leading me to new dimensions of thoughts…

When I see one of the signs, I decide what is a sign or not. That is only my choice to notice where my eyes are staring and my choice to make the sense I want from my observation. And yes, I love myself and support myself by noticing the signs. Signs that project me into a special place within me that opens me to the whole. It’s like an activation code for a spacetime journey. I am connected and receiving. Then I come back to where I was and re-connect with human me. This is so cool.

Each time I jump in this other dimension, this parallel reality, I observe myself with love and compassion and address myself with a guidance of love and compassion. Honestly, I believe in unconditional love and that’s my dreamy world. The belief of my dreamy world implanting in the human reality is leading the way of my destiny. I am following my desire of living my dream life as a human. For this to happen, I created a way to communicate with my dreamy world. For it to guide me through the challenges of human interactions.

...15h44…Full on baby!

…some time later after an awesome spacetime adventure… 😉

I got lost in my thoughts and enjoyed the ride. Hihi I love our mind, how it makes us go forward easily. We simply have to listen.

Remember I was talking about a name.

Now I have a question:

Why would you define your beliefs in one word?

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I love you,


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