New Year’s Resolution & Destiny

Aloha lovers,

We are in transition, experiencing the ending and beginning of a cycle. Today I propose three observations: the new year’s resolution, destiny and their relationship.

This new year spirit is strong and we are celebrating in many ways.

Let’s focus on ourselves.

What am I celebrating?

All that I have achieved this past year and all that I am going forward this next/new year.

It’s new because we haven’t lived it yet. It’s new because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

What we can know is what we want for ourselves. That’s what is commonly called resolutions.

The word resolution comes from the Latin word resolvere, meaning to release then later it took the meaning “to break into parts” as to simplify, to solve problems. Nowadays, that’s what it still means in the French language.

Resolution as the direction to take to solve a problem.

That’s interesting to observe the word for what it is 😉.

So your new year’s resolution comes from what you want to sort out for yourself and change. What is causing problems in your life has to be solved and this solution is your resolution.

You see, your resolution is about what you want to change. It’s not about controlling the outcome or how you want things to happen, no. It’s setting a new path for yourself, a path of transformation. Yes, when I want transformation, I want new.

Here we are again, the new! The new is unknown but our new path can have a direction.

I see a destination for myself and I allow myself to experience the process of transformation.

And now we are bouncing to the word destiny.

I see the word destiny in the word destination. Destiny comes from the Latin destinare, meaning to establish, to determine.

I see destiny as establishing my direction, determining my direction.

Destiny is where I’m going for myself.

There is a motion in our destiny. It’s not a fixed state of being. This does not exist because everything is in motion. Remember all is flowing. When something is fixed, it’s blocking the flow.

Destiny also holds this energy of what’s supposed to happen for myself but it doesn’t mean you are not the one guiding yourself.

Our universe is a perfect creation and the mechanism of the sky shows us its simple complexity. A perfectly organised mechanism reflecting on us. So yes, there are general movements of energies guiding our destiny. Again it is not fixed, your destiny is not stuck in time. I want this to be clear.

You are your own guide.

This chitchat can take us into the infinite 😂 Let’s refocus on our trinity: resolution, destiny and their relationship.

We observed that resolution has to do we the direction we set to create a change for ourselves and destiny has to do with the direction we are setting for ourselves.

Here I can see that I set my resolutions towards my destiny.

I am asking again.

What do you want for yourself?

This energy of setting your vision for yourself is potent at this time of year 😉

Now is an auspicious time to clarify your destiny and to set your resolution in motion for it.

What do I desire?

A healthy body, a peaceful mind and to love myself no matter what.

And to have harmonious relationships.

And my own projects to happen step by step.

*How do I destined my body to be healthy?

I find the problems in how I treat my body: what I ingest, how I move. (a little help, observe: cigarettes, alcohol, pills, sodas, refined food, my body movement routine, etc.).

Establish for yourself to follow a self care routine. And allow yourself to find your balance by not controlling the outcome.

I want to feel good in my body. That’s the outcome you want.

*About your mind now. What’s blocking up there? How do you talk to yourself? How do you react to yourself? What is your mind relationship with your body?

I want to accept myself and trust myself.


Observe yourself this past year, observe your evolution and keep aiming for harmony and compassion.

I believe in you and I wish you to love and care for yourself no matter what.

Remember to do it now.

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey 💖😘


Picture taken in Chaloklam, Koh Phangan, Thailand. I’m inspired by the sailing boats and their motions and directions….😋

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