New Moon Solar Eclipse December 2020

The new moon happens Monday 14th December at 4.18pm UK / 11.18pm Bangkok. The moon will conjunct the sun in the sign of Sagittarius. It is a super power new moon because the moon will come in front of our sun to create a total solar eclipse (visible south Chile/Argentina). What an extraordinary moment in our universal life!

I am the one I’ve been working for.

My role is unique to serve our community.

I believe in our power of co-creation.

Our wonderful sky.

The stars we see in our night sky are projections of the past. They are so far away that by the time we receive their light they have aged already.

So is the truth of the star what we can’t see of it yet or what we can see of it now?

Our timeline is a funny multidimensional reality.

I like looking at the stars like I look at all the experiences of my past. I see all these moments in time that are part of who I am now. And when the sun shines as the brightest star in the sky and overpowers the light of the other stars, it reminds me that my present self is the shiniest of all and its light is supported by all the lights of my life experiences. Even if my past experiences are not seen, they are part of me and they are what transported me here and now. 

My expression is inspired by all my life experiences.

Being in the present is accepting that my past got me to where I am. And my light today is fueled by all I’ve felt, seen, accomplished, worked on, done, etc. I know that my life is an infinite creation of experiences.

Infinite possibilities.

When the moon passes in front of the sun it shows me that the power of life is unmeasurable. Because even the moon that doesn’t shine on its own has the power to switch off the brightest light in our sky and make itself the most seen by taking the center stage. 

The light expresses itself in infinite colors.

Eclipses remind me that without darkness there is no light, as darkness is the place where the light is born. 

We, humans, are born in the darkness of the womb. A darkness where we were protected and nurtured. A darkness that allowed us to come out into the light.

What we don’t see, the unknown, is powerful. Its power resides in the possibility it offers us. What can’t be seen, can be imagined. What we wish to see is our choice.

What am I daydreaming about?

I am.

In this timespace of enormous transition, I remember that I am the star brightening my path. No matter if I am seen by the outside or not or which color I transpire, what matters is that I see myself.

I am a star.

This acceptance allows me to look at you as the star of your own life too, and you, and you, and you, and you…

Remember that you are unique and your life process is your own. Beware of not comparing yourself, this is pressuring and not supportive.

Being a star is allowing ourself to focus on our inner well-being. Our light shines from inside. The energies are intense and it can feel overwhelming. So take the time to rest and integrate your self’s transformation.

Article about regeneration time.

Creating our reality.

New moon is an auspicious time to set intentions. Intentions are like an arrow we send to guide our way. Learn about new moon intentions here.

You are the one holding the bow to project our light.

As we are co-creating our reality together, I feel supported by your unique expression and action. Your truth is inspiring me to express my truth. So I focus on nurturing my inner fire to, day by day, get stronger in my service for our community.

An inspiring song for now : Sunshine by Matisahyu

May you shine your truth,

Love & Sparkles,


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