New moon October 2020

New moon (moon conjunct sun) on October 16th/17th 2020, at 23° Libra.

A new moon to allow ourselves to feel good with all our parts, inside and outside.

We’ve worked hard to be where we are today and we can trust that all we’ve done in the past will manifest its fruits on time.

I trust myself.

We are guided to honour ourselves. Yes, we are great just the way we are and it’s important to see that awesomness in yourself. Stop doubting or asking for more.

Re-establish your balance by letting go of your own pressure.

I invite you to play this little game to assess the direction of your actions: on one side of the scale put what you do/have done for others, on the other side put what you do/have done for your self. Observe.

This new moon in Libra is supported by mercury retrograde (Article about the October astro vibes here): Communication is enlightened these days. I invite you to observe how you react to your telecommunications playing tricks. And reflect on how this might show your own way of dealing with yourself and others. Cultivate your calm and your patience. And most importantly, your sense of humour!

Life is to be lived. Every experience is a moment in time. The wheel of life is always turning and moments where you feel nothing goes right are here to invite you to open a new door. First accept the situation as it is and accept also that you are the only one who can change it. The only way to change how you feel is to change your vision.

So breathe deep, relax your mind and take a step higher.

Your reactions show how you process your emotions in turmoil. It’s ok, the ocean is wavy too and we love it for that. Appreciate your emotions and learn how to navigate them feeling confident.

Reassure yourself that this moment in time is just that: a moment in time.

Yoga teaches us to de-attach. A way to understand this philosophy is that however we feel in this instant is what it is : a feeling. So it’s important to detach from the reactions and words attached to it. Remember you are the one in charge of your mind mechanism. You can change the way you process what you receive. You have the power to see in new ways. For exemple : The stress you feel on yourself is created by your vision, a vision that is obviously not serving you. Observe the in-between your feeling and your thoughts. A scale has a center and this center holds all the parts together.

You are the center connecting all parts.

To let it flow, you have to clarify the way. This new moon is in Libra, an energy of communication and relationships. The first relationship is with yourself so to enhance your social interactions, work on your inner-communication. Read here my philosophy about communication.

When you clarify your center, you shine and attract clarity.

This new moon is inviting us to unlock our flow of love. Allow your energy to circulate in and out of you. Reconnect all your parts.

You are made of love.

I am love.

Open your heart to receive your own love and accept to honor your own self. You deserve congratulations!

To activate the circulation of your love, massage your feet and hands. Give yourself some love. Just for the pleasure of it.

My new moon intentions are :

I celebrate myself.

I am sharing love.

Free your spirit. Free your love.

Watch my live intuitive new moon reading here. (Facebook link)

Believe in your magic.

I love you,


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