New Moon May 2020

I hold my inner being.

Soothing my reaction

To the change happening.

My whole in union,

Acting for my creation.

New moon in Gemini ♊, May 22/23 2020.

  • A Video guided meditation – Link to YouTube
  • A Video Energy Message – Below
  • A written Energy Guidance – Below

A time to go within an appreciate our inner being. The darkness of our center cuddling us with its power. When the moon is close to the sun she is not appearing in our night sky. But unseen, the moon is still present. She is seen in our inner being. What we feel and sense are the moon’s reflections. As the moon’s cycle relfects our emotional vibe.

Queen of the waters, the moon influences our inner fluids.

How am I feeling?

What’s moving in my life?

What’s transforming within me?

I invite you to observe the ways you communicate. How you give and how you receive. How are you flowing with what is? All is always changing an sometimes change disturbed the routine. It opens a door to a new experience

If you assess some miscommunication, observe what happened and adjust your ways to make your expression clearer to the others. In communication it is important to observe the recieving and the emitting. We are energy beings transmitting from our inner and we are receiving from ourselves and all the test.

Life is a game of interactions.

During this new moon, the moon and sun are opposite saggitarius. My vision of Saggitarius now is a sky bright with flowing stars. Every star reflecting a part of my self. All parts are one when the sun shines, I see one. When the sun doesn’t shine and it’s dark, the stars have space to show themselves in their brightness, like all my parts shining at different temperatures mes of my life and relfexting who I am.

I am one made of infinite.

Seen and unseen are part of me.

Allow yourself the spacetime to evolve.

Receive the new motion with love and trust.

Here and now, I also feel heart pains being healed. We have talked about it the last few weeks. We are living an experience of heart awakening. Being faced with death and confronted with the unexpected, life is guiding is to expand.

Breathe from your heart center.

Massage your hands.

Relax your arms.

Nourish with care.

Appreciate now.

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I love you,


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