New Moon March 2020 – I NURTURE ME

Hello lovers of life,

We are living a new worldwide situation. New for the most recent generations because if you remember, humanity has experienced other similar situations. Similar doesn’t mean it’s the same, as you know, life is cycling, nature is evolving and it is always unique.

We are now in a new moon energy (new moon in Aries – march 24th) New moon brings new beginnings and in this time of sudden changes, we are guided to take charge for ourselves.

Here is my vision of here and now:

I see what we are living now as an energetic wave, like a vibrational quake or an emotional tsunami. It is happening and it is facing us with our truth. When we feel threatened, we are being asked to make the choices that feel good to us.

What do I want for me ?

Let’s not attach our will with materiality, it would fix it.

Attaching your freedom to something material is blocking your freedom to free flow.

Yes materiality has its importance but it’s not only what is. How we want to feel is what guides our flow. As energetic beings we have the power of attracting what we wish upon and it works with energy not materiality. Materiality being an expression of the vibrational energy.

So from that belief, if I work on my own energy and set my intentions with clarity, I create what I wish upon.

I am the hero of my life.

Hero because you are your own center and your energetic field is coming from your within. You are the one in control of your energy self. We can use the words actors or creators or director, up to you to tell your own self story.

Strenghtening yourself is focusing on you.

Taking the timespace to sit and listen to your inner voice. Taking the timespace to honour your feelings. Allowing yourself to create your own supportive and loving story to guide your blossoming growth

I nurture myself.

Focusing on you is nurturing yourself. Self care is your intention no matter the situation. Personally I had to make changes in my life to learn about my own self care. I also learn as I experience and adapting to how I feel now. (You’ll find many self-care articles on my website).

Nurturing yourself requires you to have the intention to do so. One clear intention to guide yourself at every breath.

The energy wave happening now is boiling up our emotions to make ourselves take action for what we want now. Whatever you wish upon you can make it happen right here and now. All starts within you. And from your center you create your outside reality.

Be creative. Be out of the box. Be unique

A new moon time is perfect timing to set your intentions for the new cycle begining.

What’s my intention for myself?

Take a moment to breathe deeply three times and answer this question.

Keep it simple and write it down.

Your intention is your guide.

I want to clarify that doing for you and wanting for you does not exclude the others. As you are strenghtening and nurturing yourself, you are also doing it for the others. Taking your space allows the other to do the same and when you are feeling well within you have more power to support the other. When I say “I,me my”, it includes everyone around the center within myself.

Nurture your inner to expand your outter.

Now that we are in a sudden change, it is a perfect time to make the changes you’ve been thinking but not really acting upon.

I do now.

Astrology tells us this new moon is in the house of Aries. It is also the first new moon of the astrological year (from Aries to Pisces), so yes: NEW BEGINNING TIME.

Aries is the Kickstarter of the new cycle of the wheel of life. It is associated with the element of fire and it’s movement is a cardinal motion.

How do you start a fire and keep it burning?

Observe and be inspired…

Remember we are all feeling the emotional tsunami so the way people are reacting around you is their way. Leave them the space to be, don’t judge, don’t assume, don’t create their stories. Focus on your reaction and your story.

Being home for some time offers you the space to retreat. It is a gift of time. It is an heart awakening experience. Allow yourself to flow with the here and now moment. If your thoughts are projecting and fearing, bring them back here and now by focusing on your breath and what you are doing right here and now.

Remember who you are.

Here a few articles to deepen your mind:

I love you too,


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