Energy report – New Moon Leo 8 August 2021

New moon at 16/17 degree of Leo. Since the last full moon, the energies have been rising high. We are travelling through an ascencion portal.

Shining time !

Ascending Energies

The energies are high and our bodies are doing their best to fly through. All that is happening is a deep cleanse to create the space to welcome the new uploads. Basically, we are upgrading.

If you have been feeling weird, more tired, if your body is aching, if your appetite has changed, if your thoughts are flying, if your energy body is strenghtening or if you feel strange, you are going through a healing process and you are feeling your integration happening. Be gentle with yourself and observe how your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are evolving. Allow your mental to evolve too.

I appreciate my self transforming.

Let’s not panic or create disease stories too please. I know the Covid Story is invading many people’s life and also oppressing many of us. Us, humans have found other reasons to hate each other. Don’t we have separated from each other enough ? Colour of our skin, religious ideas/practices, sex, diets, what else ??? How many subjects are the centers of our discord ?

I am honeslty done with so much fighting. The judgment we project on someone else is a reflection of our own inner judgment. That is this simple and there is no blame or shame to have. It is ok to realize that we project anger, blame or pity onto others, we project our inner feelings. And thank you for that because it is allowing to see what’s going on and move forward. Accteping our faults and wrongs is liberating. It is because the dismissed parts of ourselves are suddenly recognised and accepted.

How does it feel to be accepted for who you are ?

How does it feel to be listened and recognised ?

How does it feel to communicate lightly and efficiently ?

New Moon Self-Work

I am inviting you to reflect on how you treat yourself : How do you speak to yourself inside your head ? Are all your voices loving and accepting each other ? What are the words that resonate the most with how you feel ? Are they the ones you are affirming to your self ? How is your body feeling in its physicality ? Are you caring for its present state or for what you wish you’d be feeling now ?

Observe the interactions between how you feel, how you think and how you act.

Enough Mistreating You.

Enough of seeing differences as threats. Enough of looking at you envious or disgusted. Enough of the rules dictating your conduct. Enough of harsh judgments and condescendant speeches. Enough of wanting to feel more hurt and pain. Enough of being mean and dismissive.

I realise that I have faulted again,

I mistreated myself and it’s ok.

I forgive me.

I am calling on humility. Humility is a space where our ego and demons feel appreciated for who they are and not seen only as oppressors and predators. This is us we are talking about so let’s be gentle.

Humility is when we observe a wrong and make it a right too.

Humility is when our ego is me and your ego is you.

Humility is seeing me and you with the eyes of love.

Astro Chat

The sun and moon are aligning in the house of Leo, opposite the house of Aquarius (Read about Aquarius). In Aquarius, we have now Saturn and Jupiter Retrograde.

The sun is opposite Saturn during this period. Saturn is symbolised by the father, the ruler, the director.

Themes : Strong boundaries, focus on achievement, every step is a success.

The father figure is taking a new light under this new moon. The father can also be symbolised by our governments or any entity that set rules and directs.

Our father is important as it helps us set the ground and move forward feeling safe and supported. In our human experience we are living with multiple manifestations of this energy : our fathers, uncles, big brothers, governors, bosses, managers, etc. The person on top of us is leading the way.

No matter what we think of these people and instances, let’s take a moment to apprecie the ones that stand for their beliefs and do their best. It might not be our best but it is worth consideration and appreciation. Don’t you think ?

We are now transtiting into a new world, our society is crumbling, truth are being revealed and we are all experiencing this transformative movement.

It is healthy to let change be as we are evolutive beings. It is natural to grow. We are a collective and every one of us counts. You count as much as I do.

The Leo energy is self-centered.

I am awesome the way I am. Look at me, I am being me !

Mibeliefs have led us to think that self-centeredness is wrong. Really is it wrong to consider myself being important and worth attention ?

Leo is the playful child. it is our inner child wanted to be free to play. Leo loves being social as much as it loves its own company. Leo is the energy of self-love. It is shining its self-love to everyone around, like the sun shines on us all.

The sun is now transiting Leo and we call this period the Leo Season (read about it).

I take a moment to observe that my ego is me and it is healthy to self-care because when I feel nourished, I am more luminous.

Leo is the light shining. this energy sees the brightness in everyone. Because everyone deserves to be seen for who they are.

I deserve to be me.

Make friend with the voices in your head, they are parts of you. Don’t be a harsh unfair father to yourself. See every step as a success. See your past as an achievment. You are here today thanks to you so it’s time to simple accept and celebrate your worth.

We are all here together, No one better than the other.

Our purpose it to play our unique role, to take our self space.

Appreciating each other, we are creating a self-sustainable world together.

Self-love is self-sustainable. If I love myself no matter what, I don’t need you to fulfill me. I simply want you to play creation with me. Shall we ?

This new moon is guiding us to let go of all mental restrictions. It is enlightening the path of self freedom.

Keep flowing lightly,

I love you,


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