New Moon July 2020

Kia Ora beautiful human beings,

I am communicating with you from the Southern Island in New Zealand. The eclipses stirred me up (read full moon message) and I clarified my next step which I am living now. I am exploring the southern winter in a campervan. I am following my bliss and I let it flow.

We are coming out of three eclipses. The energies have been challenging. It is new moon time again, an auspicious time to go inward and assess where we are at. I invite you to read my June new moon message and what you wrote for yourself too.

How have you been feeling?

When we observe what was going on before, it is guiding us to observe now.

The energies are directing us to our destiny. Each time it feels intense, we usually are in a moment of confrontation with ourself. You know when you have to reset your priorities and to clarify your boundaries.

I am my own priority.

You are the only one responsible for yourself. Let’s be clear here, there is no one else in charge of your wellbeing. Whatever stories coming up in your head about that, observe and address them. Notice your attachements.

Assess what you think you need. Where is the root of this need?

Our humanity has greatly evolved. We built all materiality to make us comfortable in all situations. It’s pouring rain outside and I can stay dry and warm. I find that extraordinary to have the clothes, the shoes, the blankets, the roof, floor and walls to keep me comfy in all weathers. We, as human beings, created this material comfort for ourselves. I invite all of us to take a moment to appreciate that.

I appreciate what we created and what we have.

We are living a time of change in our lifestyle and the way we see society is changing. Maybe you are angry, sad or scared of the present situation.

Observe how you feel about society and our humanity.

These feelings are projections of how you feel within. Be aware that all you see outside is reflecting your inside. Also the way you react to what’s happening shows you your pattern of reaction with yourself too.

Take a moment to observe what’s going on within yourself.

So, the world has evolved and our material situation has outreached any expectations. This is incredible and I believe that all creations happen on time. I know we get the inspiration when things are in place for us to receive the ideas and put then into action. There is no need to push or try harder, all is happening on perfect timing. I am aware some people doubt my words and the natural flow of life but that’s how I live my life. I am sharing my own experience and how I live my life everyday.

Now is a time of New Moon and if you look at how you’ve been cycling since last new moon, you will observe the transformation that happened with yourself and your home feeling. If you don’t see your progress, it shows there is something resisting inside of you and it is your responsibility to care for it.

We have the tendency to focus in our materiality and to forget our mental and emotional well-being. That’s exactly what happened with our society, we built more for our materiality and put aside our holistic wellness. Now is the time to assess what’s been lacking attention and to direct our actions to create our balance.

My health is my priority.

The change happens with all of us. First you change your way of doing and redirect your thoughts and actions for your wellbeing. Then, from a healthy center, you will act for the change of the whole. As you are transforming, everything around you will transform too. It is inspiring to have someone taking charge of their health and focus on their well-being with all they have. You don’t need to wait for a big disease or accident to care for yourself, you can do for yourself now. Actually, there is a worldwide health situation going on so that’s perfect for each one of us to do health now.

How do I care for myself?

How do I react to my pain and dis-ease?

Do I feel well in my head and my body?

Observe – Assess – Set your priority

This new moon happens in the sign of Cancer again, last new moon was at the begining and this new moon is at the end of the house of Cancer. We are blessed by this transition showing us our way home. Cancer is the home of the moon and the moon is responsible for our water flows. It’s all about how you feel. It is not about how the other one finds its comfort, it is about how YOU feel.

Let’s stop taking our comfort for granted. Let’s ask ourselves what do I need to feel good within my body and act for it now.

Don’t take anything for granted. Your health is in your hands and today with our knowledge, books and internet, we have access to other ways and we can connect with people who have alternative experiences of their well-being.

Do it for you.

You are at home here and now on earth. You are at home in your body.

Here and Now.

If you have difficulties to find your clarity and know what to do with yourself, ask for help. Enonciate that you wish for support to someone else. Wherever you are, there is someone here to help you. That’s how life works, our support is in our envirronement. I also believe that we are all a support for each other, we are interconnected.

Express how you feel. Voice out your needs. Open yourself to receive.

During this new moon, take the timespace alone to write your intentions/vows for the new cycle.

Remember to love yourself unconditionally.

We are creating our new way of living therefore let’s do now what we desire for tomorrow.

I love you,


Ps: Here is my message for the new moon in Capricorn last December. Capricorn is opposite Cancer, so this new moon resonates with the one in December. Reading again this message brought me some comfort, maybe it will for you too.

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