New Moon January 2021

The moon is meeting the sun January 13th in the sign of Capricorn at 5 am GMT (Lisbon, London). A cycle ends as a new one is beginning. Life is so magical.

This new moon is the first of our new year. It sets a new rythm to support our expansion.

As I step forward on my path,

I construct the new with what I have,

Organising my ground to support my way,

And open the space for co-creation.

2020 to 2021

A new year is unfolding, it feels good. We have been through so much change in 2020 that our hope is shining on this new beginning. Remember our transition into 2021 happened enlightened by the last full moon ( December 30th). We stepped in vibrant of our light, ready to make a new life for ourself in 2021. This new moon is a continuation of this energy, it offers us the space to ground our will into our materiality.

2020 has been a blow up. It’s like an explosion happened in our life to unsettle us from our “normality”. Our confortable routine has been shaken up which is leading us to create a change. The structure of our daily life has been crumbling guiding us to adapt.

Adaptation is the key to our confort.

Our capacity to flow with the currents allows us to feel settled in al;l situations. This is the base of our safety. Feeling safe is feeling held and taken care of. But when society is bombed with a virus and the governments are trying to hold on without knowing what’s really happening and what’s they’re doing, it does create confusion. We all felt that and it may have triggered fear for some of us. This big change is a transition to our new way of life. And as every change, it takes time and space to happen.

Trust the process.

All is happening for the best. I know sometimes it is a challenge to reassure ourselves in the middle of the storm but if you focus on what you have and what you can do now, it will make you feel more settled and safer.

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A new moon in Capricorn

Capricorn has been the superstar of 2020 with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto playing together in its energy. Since mid-december, Jupiter and Saturn moved into Aquarius so this new moon is carrying this new begining energy. As every new start, we have to close up the last chapter. A big chapter as I feel 2020 has been an accumulation of all the prior years. We are coming into a new era for our humanity. This recquires us to let go of all that doesn’t feel like working for us. Not only personnaly but also for our society. It is happening and we wsimply have to allow our release.

Capricorn is all about structure and discipline. It is an energy that holds the power of achievement. An achievement we are fulfilling at every step. Yes, what you are doing now is part of your completion. Your destiny is in every here and now.

To rebuild our life after this 2020 energy shake up, we have to set our new ground. And this starts at home.

What do I want to achieve for myself this year ?

How do I re-organise my routine to make it happen ?

How do I create the space for others to co-cretae with me ?

Capricorn is not about the little details, it is more about the general struture holding our ground which creates support for our realisation. Setting a direction to guide you this year will allow you to clarify your way as you go.

I want to achieve that so I reorganise my way of living to clarify the way for my manifestation. I structure my living to give space to my every step.

Capricorn, is an earth energy, it is about our materiality, our physicality. Our body is center stage during this new moon. Our body is an amazing tool if we care for it and give it its own authority. You empower yourself when you listen to your body and act lead by it.

A healthy daily discipline carries us to the top.

More about the Capricorn energy.

Co-creating our new life

We are living a renaissance and we are the actors of it. Society is built with each of us. We all have a role to play and this role is unique for each one of us. So don’t resist yourself with your self-judgments. Be aware that your own authority plays tricks on you, influenced by your past conditionings.

Each time you feel in a challenge, affirm yourself. Allow yourself to put your foot down and go forward lead by your vision. This doesn’t mean you push others apart, on the contrary, by being yourself you are holding your space with more clarity which allows others their own space. Also it will open up the space to receive from others. Understand that we can’t come help you or work with you if where you’re at is not clear to us.

Your clarity is expressed from your center.

Remember to not push it or under do it. There are times to rest and regenerate, and times to act and undertake. We are many. Our harmony is connected to all of us being ourselves. When one is resting, another one has the space to act.

Working together will amplify our expansion.

Self manifestation

Have you set any intentions for this new year ? An expression of your vision to guide the manifestation of your next chapter ?

As every new moon, I also invite you to set intentions for this new cycle. Read here to learn more about it.

Your routine supports your realisation.

I am talking about how to create a supportive discipline here.

To re-center anytime, anywhere, play the Game of here & now.

The energy of the age of Aquarius is flowing through us. We are now guided to open our vision to create the space for our renaissance.

May the force be with you,

I love you,


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