Cycle New Moon in Pisces – March 2021

New moon in Pisces (moon aligns with sun), Saturday 13th March 2021.

A message channeled with the energies of here and now. A message coming from the source to our hearts. We are divine children here on earth to experience and play with what is.

Listen & Receive

I trust my self,

I trust my present moment,

I trust.

I know I have been working hard to get to where I am, I have been organised and focused to reach my today’s success. My present moment is an achievement. I celebrate me and all around me as we are all part of each other. I learn that when the other realises its dreams, I realise mine too. I learn that our connection is divine and infinite and my purpose is to serve with joy and passion. I trust my guts, I trust my feeling to guide my way. And when I feel confused, I observe my words are projected and I focus on the present moment at play to not let myself be illusioned in stories.

New moon Ritual

Create your magic space to reflect on the last cycle and write your new moon intentions.

What does my body needs now, I do.

No matter who is around and what is the situation unfolding, I care for me. I know my mentality says it is impossible but would life be abundant with ideas of scarcity?

Our mental is powerful and the knowledge we carry has power on us. This knowledge is made of stories ; stories of our experience, stories of our past, stories of our lineage. We are storytellers, constantly discussing in our head about it all. Nonetheless these stories are projections of how we feel, they are not the truth. Our truth is how we feel. It is vibrating inside of us and we are the ones able to express it, act on it, share it.

This last moon cycle, I have been reminded of the four agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz :

  • Be impeccable with your word.
  • Don’t take anything personally.
  • Don’t make assumptions.
  • Always do your best.

These four simple guidelines are a support for my every days. Not only they guide me in my interactions with others but they also clarify my own relationship with myself.

Remember the first relationship is you with you. The way you relate with others reflect your own inner connection.

Be present here & now.

The energies of now are calling us to be present in the moment, our whole self : my physical body is doing now, my mentality is thinking now, my emotions are feeling now, my spirit is connecting with now, my soul is experiencing now, my heart is loving now, my dream is now, etc.

We are being asked to strenghten our center.

The Piscean energy is an infinite flow of consciousness materialising in our human natural dimension as dreams, thoughts, intuition, psychic, clairevoyance, stories and illusions.

Our psyche projects what we feel. All stories we create are creations, the truth they hold pertains to a moment. Be aware to not attach to stories of your self as you are made of love and infinite abundance.

Now is a time to let the magic flow through you, allow the source to express within you.

Daydream. Contemplate. Create.

Open your dreams to the infinite of possibilities. Knowing that at the moment of dreaming you do not hold the answer to them. Simply allow your self to dream abundant. Allow your mind to express without having to solve problems or achieve something.

Open your self to create without expectations, without limitations, without results. Just express your inner magic in every action, every breath.

Ask your mental to quiet down and trust you.

No need to think with words, no need to plan, no need to understand.

The creative energy is flowing through you.

Let it breathe.

Every present moment is a gift.

I trust

I trust

I trust

An insight about the Virgo Full moon energy (27th February 2021).

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To inpire :

Let’s remember to infuse love in every breath.

You are divine the way you are,

We love you,


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