Cycle New Moon in Aries – mid April 2021

New moon in Aries : Moon conjuncts (align from our earth perspective) Sun at 22° of Aries (cardinal fire) on Monday 12th April 2021 at dawn in Europe.

This message is flowing from the last new moon message because we are cycling. Our progress is constant. Our evolution is happening now.

Listen to my new moon in aries podcast here. (Spotify link here)

I trust my truth.

I express my truth.

I act my truth.

We have been riding with extreme currents. Our intuition is speaking its truth and it is our job to clarify our inner communication. Yes it is ! We are the ones putting words and actions on how we feel. So let’s listen and interpret.

New Moon Ritual

Remember where we are coming from : New Moon in Pisces message. Read also in your journal about your last new moon intentions and observe your evolution.

I appreciate my self.

And create your moon magic space to write your new moon intentions.

3-2-1 Action!

It is time to go for what you want. Listening to your truth is acting on it. Trusting is taking action. Integrate your spirituality in your life. Your mental is a great tool to affirm what you want but if your physical body is not taking actions on it, what’s the point? Why would we want peace and love if we don’t act with peace and love? Why working on feeling trust if we don’t align all our self with trust?

Align your thoughts and your actions.

Remember you are a connection between nature and spirit, between the physical and the intellectual.

So taking actions is happening but you feel there are obstacles on your way. First it’s ok, let’s not panic or dramatize the situation and create stories in our head. You are the player of the game, you have the choice to play your way. Therefore, take a moment to observe your own reaction : Are you seeing these obstacles as big concrete walls reinforced by adamantium or as funky monsters and magic objects?

The way you see directs your way.

The way you see influences your actions. The way you see is how your react with your thoughts.

Obviously the big wall feels blocking in comparison to the funny unknown objects that are just asking to be seen and dealt with.

No matter what is happening, you can help yourself to detach from the heaviness/overwhelm felt by a situation by observing the game. Every obstacle is part of your success. Every obstacle is a test to strenghten your willpower. Every obstacle is an experience to be lived.

I use the word obstacle but we can also use the words steps, days, challenges, portals of transition, levels, etc.

I choose my way. I express my way.

Assertiveness & Willpower.

The power of Aries vibrates with the elment of fire. It is a strong spark becoming flame. And when you make a fire, you can see what is necessary to make your fire burn, to create the flames.

We are being guided to assert our will.

Aries is bold, it is taking action at the moment and for itself. An energy that can be thought as egoistic or pushy or even aggressive but is it really? Aren’t we here to be ourselves? We all want to save the world, or at least to support the people around us, so how are we supposed to do that if we don’t do it for ourselves first?

When you take action you create a wave, a change in the reality. If you take action from a place of love for yourself, this wave will sparkle magic in everyone around too. Do the experiment, you’ll see. Also as we are dealing with fire, may your action be “for”, “towards” and not “against”. We don’t want to burn people, do we?

I take my space and I allow others to take theirs too.

Third chakra activation.

The fire element is also associated with the third chakra/solar plexus chakra/manipura.

To harmonize with the energies of now, connect with your third chakra with a visualisation of your inner fire, or place a yellow crystal on your third chakra (citrine, sunstone) and breathe. Meditate on it. Or else. Create your way.

I choose my way. I do me.

Fire/third chakra is also the seat of anger. So if you feel triggered, annoyed, frustrated or angry, it means your self is calling out for action. An action that nourishes you. Fire consumes after all. What happens if you don’t nurture your fire? What happens if you don’t nurture your self?

Our fire can also be sparked by someone else’s action/reaction/expression. No matter the other person’s way, you can choose yours.

Your reaction is yours, you are responsible for the way you act and react.

Sometimes our inner fire is boiling, burning, itching inside and for that, we can use magic tricks.

One of my favourite magic releasing trick : Bouncing on loud music. Do it. Then you’ll see. One moment at a time.

Have fun and create your own magic tricks to release.

I choose my way, I express it, I act on it.

Expressing our truth.

We are being led to connect with our inner truth and express it. It is time to go for it. Set your thoughts to match your will. And let everyday guide you to make it happen.

There is no hurry. I want to be clear and loud about that. Do not pressure yourself, on the contrary let go of the pressure, trust the process and appreciate the ride.

Acting can be so many things : going to the toilets is taking action on a body’s feeling, sleeping, eating, dancing, studying, writing, calling someone, sending a message, cooking, cleaning, etc.

You want to realize your dreams and that’s awesome! Now enjoy every breath and step taken for your dreams, because your dream is now.

You want peace, do peace now.

I want ***, I do *** now. I am creative and I adapt to my situation at play.

Focus. Center. Breathe.

Sometimes we are confused and we don’t know anymore. In this case, re-center. This means come back inside of yourself and listen to your body talking. Maybe this knee is hurting or this noise is annoying you. Whatever is the subject of the moment, address that. You don’t need to have all the answers or be clear about your future, it is about living your life now.

I experience here and now.

Activate this trust you’ve been working on last cycle.

You are doing it, you are on your path of light.

Create your space to be you.

I trust my truth.

I express my truth.

I act my truth.

There are a lot of movement during this period of now. We are strongly dealing with the fire and air energy. I have made a video to explain about what we feel now in the astro language (accessible to everyone, I explain how it works). Watch here.

Keep inspiring :

Your power is within.

May your truth guide your way.

I love you,


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