New Moon End September 2020

An energy forecast tuned with the moon cycle. A new cycle begins, what are the energies of now?

Astro: new moon alignement around September 17th, in Virgo (earth, mutable).

I invite you to review your last cycle and re-read my most recent new moon and full moon messages. Take the timespace to be with yourself

I share with you the message flowing through me.

How are you feeling?

This new moon is a big game changer! Do you feel this push to make your dream happen now?

Astro translation: a few days before new moon, Jupiter moves direct after four months retrograde. Observe. (Jupiter in Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto, big influences of this 2020 life changing year, infos on this cycle here).

There is also this energy of exchange of communication. It is time to simply share your truth. Express what you desire for yourself and allow whom you’re meeting to see you with more clarity.

Astro translation: Influence of Libra energies with moon transmitting Libra after new moon alignement in Virgo and sun soon moving into Libra around September 23rd.

You see when we clearly share what we have and what we want, we offer to the others (and life) a clearer approach to our side. Saying out loud what you are dreaming to create is a step forward in your manifestation. Your thoughts are expanding their power when they are coming out of you.

Be fair with yourself and share your truth your own way.

Now we stop trying to please or accommodate. We just stop trying and start doing it. This is way easier than you may think it is. Believe in your self and let your voice out. And keep it simple. No need for justifications or reasons or other stories. Simply communicate how you feel and see.
If it feels big and mad, that’s a great sign to tell you that’s what you truly desire. So let it out.

We are living new times so let’s begin our new humanity chapter the way we desire life to be.

We are all agents of change.

New moon means new intentions and here are the ones I focus on now:

I am building my dream,
We are building our dream.

The worldwide situation is a call to come home. A self revolution is happening and it is guiding us to come back within. And from our heart place, our center, we interconnect and flow smoothly with life. It’s time to allow you to feel safe and comfortable with yourself.

Let you be surprised by your self.

No matter your project, set your intentions to guide your direction and let life take care of the details. Step in your dream vision at every moment. And tell everyone about it as you

Be your vision now.

We’re living transforming times, it’s exciting!
Observe how you interpret the rush of energies sparkling inside of you. If fear rises, transform it with trust into excitment of stepping into your vision. If hurry arises, transform it with trust into perfect timing.

Focus on being centered and grounded at every moment.
Trust your vision.
Follow your inner guidance.

All is happening.
All is on perfect timing.
All is going to be ok.

The power of our faith sets our pace.

We are building our dream.

I love you,


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