New Moon Eclipse June 2020

Wowowoow!!!! We are experiencing high energies with this new moon and full solar eclipse. The momentum of the eclipse new moon is happening on June 21st. But remember that life is cycling and this event is part of the whole process.

There is no begining and no end, every step is an achievement of the momentum of here and now.

I am spirit and matter
I am interaction of dimensions
I am an expression of communication

We are made of a combination of spirit and matter. Being Human is being an interaction of unique dimensions coming together to create who we are. One part of us works in communion with all the other parts. Our mission is to connect all we are into one whole: our self.

Connecting is communicating. It is allowing the flow to flow. It is interdependance, when dependance and independance are joining forces to create a new way created by their inter-action.

We are all a unique manifestation of what we are. Everyone of us is its own specialty. This is extraordinary! We are experiencing the infinite variety of creation. I am me and you are you, both made of the union of spirit and matter.

We are seeds of communication.

How you are interacting with yourself  is your center of action. You are the commander of your own crew. Your Self is the realisation of all your parts. Like the sky is the combination of the stars, planets, constellations, space, matter, darkness, light, warmth, cold, all the colours, etc. Our sky has it all. And we are part of it as well.

All I have, I am. All I am, I have.

Spirit and matter together.

Life is a process of creation. Every moment is a realisation of the whole.

Feeling ourselves in this immensity can be frightening because the boundaries of infinity are none. Limitless possibilities of manifestation is what life is. Wow. So how do I feel safe in this infinite maze? How can we feel contained in space? How am I me within everyone else’s?

From this point of view, boundaries are illusions. And it’s ok because all I see is my own illusion. Ask the person next to you what they are seeing now and you realise that every vision of now is unique.

Even if boundaries are illusions they are important to create because boundaries are a support for our growth. They help us direct our way, like the train track or the compas. Situating ourselves in our physicality allows us to feel the motion of life. Time is a spirit of expansion as our every instant is the product of the instants before.

Physical boundaries are expressed in our physical body. Our spirit is integrated in matter but it is not contained by it. Matter is matter and spirit is spirit. I am me and you are you. Us is made by our inter-connection. It is a creation of both our uniqueness.

Spiritual boundaries are made by our mind. They can be expressed by our mental. You can choose what you are watching, what you are saying, what you are thinking, etc.

Remember you are your own master and you have the choice to see your own vision. Wherever you are now, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. And if you don’t feel comfortable, it is simply challenging you to act for your comfort.

This new moon eclipse is in the first degree of the house of Cancer, where the sun just transited too. Cancer is the house of the moon so she is coming home accompanied by the sun. The energy of alignement is strong and I believe you can see in your life now how things are getting in place with each other.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign of the zodiac. Water resonates with emotions and cardinal is a motion that sets the direction. Cancer also resonates with home, where we feel at home.

What does home means to me?

Where is home?

How do I feel at home?

If you observe your life, you will witness that home is not fixated to one place. Home is a feeling. A feeling that comes from within each one of us. And as we are living in matter, our spiritual home is our physical body. And the extension of our home is planet earth. So basically everything is home.

I am home here and now.

How are you feeling?

If you are not feeling at home now, this is you with yourself, your envirronement is not responsible for your discomfort.

I feel that the energies are stirring us to make the decisions to feel at home. It can be changing a habit, breaking free from a pattern, moving house, reprogramming your mentality, changing your vocabulary, quitting/starting a job, etc.

The momentum is now and if you are allowing yourself to be who you feel like being, you will be guided to your next step with the support of life. If you keep resisting by creating reasons and excuses, the path of life will feel complicated because you are creating the complications.

The change is happening for the whole world. The virus shows us how we are all connected and all dependant on our health to survive. To survive as human, caring for our health is priority, spiritual and physical care.

We are starting new and we don’t know what’s going to happen therefore let’s do now what we want for tomorrow.

Care and share.

I love you,


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