New Moon August 2020

We are now in the new moon energy with the alignement happening August 18/19th depending on your location on our planet earth. I remind you that New Moon is an expression to describe the timespace when the sun and moon are seen aligned together from our earth point of view.

This new moon is also happening with the conjunction of the planet Mercury. I made a drawing to show you how the alignements are. I added Venus because the planet is between Mercury and us. You can see that Mercury is in between the sun and moon which is an auspicious view point to support how it feels like.

Let’s chat about it.

You see Mercury is resonating with the spirit of communication. Mercury is said to be a messenger in mythology as well as governing our telecommunications in modern astrology. You can see that even its symbol has little antennas. I invite you to read my article about Mercury here.

From what I feel and receive, this new moon energy resonate with: communication and “new spark in my fire”.

First let’s observe that our visions are unique as they are created by us. The way we feel is what it is and the way we see it is our own interpretation. The words we associate to how we feel are our creation and can be changed.

I create how I see.

Now, let’s observe what we see and how we express it.

When we focus our vision to observe the transitions, we create a new ground for ourselves. If I set my self to notice the new sparking in my life, I am allowing my self to be in the new. In the same way of thinking, if I keep thinking in the past, I don’t allow myself to receive the new.

The new is happening now therefore we have to open our visions to receive it the way it is and allow our expression to renew itself to be able to interpret the new for what it is. It is tricky to talk about the new as we are always in the new, we are growing as part of nature.

This interpretation, our vision, is created by the way we feel our emotions (emotions= motions of energy flowing through us) and translate them into our expression. I invite you to decompose your own process here: perceiving/recieving an energy – processing it – expressing it.

Between receiving and giving, inhaling and expiring, feeling and expressing, there is a connection, an in-between. And this connection is us.

We are the in-between, the one mediating the in and out. Being a human being is being a messenger.

I am a channel of communication.

Now coming back to our vision. This vision of ours is commanding what we transmit. I see my vision to be my commander, it gives focus to my expression. So if our vision is set in an old perspective, we are not allowing ourselves to step into the new, what is.

A new vision of ourselves allow us to create a new ground, to step into it.

But it doesn’t necessary mean that your known reality changes, it is your vision that changes: from lack, you can see abundance.

We observe that we are always aligned with the energies because our physical bodies are tuned in with nature. Our alignement is happening now and it is evolving as nature flows.

I invite you to look at yourself now. Not from your old perspective but from a new one. A point of view of yourself that is not yet shaped as it is new. New as the stories of your self are into creation.

The way you observe yourself now is born of the old you, the points of references helping you to situate yourself are born from your past evolution. Now, I am inviting you to observe yourself from a complete different perspective. A perspective you are creating at the moment.

Use new ways to express yourself.

Answer the question: how do you feel? With a new vocabulary shaped into a new way of speech.

Play the game.

I am my own messenger.

Inward postal services activation!

*During this new moon timespace, I invite you to reflect on:

How am I my own mediator?

How do I express how I feel? In which ways?

How am I allowing my self to create my expression?

*Elemental homework:

Light a candle, kindle a fire, blow on it and observe. Let yourself gaze at how the elements connect with each other and  what they create from their interactions.

Now is time to spark our new.

We are stepping into the future we desire right here and now.

I love you,


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