Cycle New Moon Aquarius from 11 February 2021

The moon aligns with the sun thursday 11th of February 2021 around 7pm UK. They will be at 23° of Aquarius. In Aquarius there is also Mercury (retrograde), Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. A lot of Aquarian energies for us to feel our renewal happening.

Do you feel the magic in the air?

Last New Moon the message was to adapt our space to fit us (read here). It is a journey of acceptance to embrace what we wish for and make it happen.

Expressing and sharing your dreams is offering them possibilities of expansion.

My dream vision

My life is my dream reality, I am passionetely focused on acting for the realisation of my dreams. On my journey I learned that sharing about my dreams had a magic effect, so I do all the time.

I have been in a journey to share with other women and men about the gift we are. I believe in my magic me and I wish to spark the magic in all of you.

Life guided me to return to Europe recently. Here, the collective energy is dense. I feel fear and anger. For months now, I am resting because I feel I need to ground all these energies with love. It means that everyday I deal with how I feel. A collective deep transformation is happening. Healing myself, I heal the wounds of our collective too. I am part of it, we are all.

When I heal myself, I heal our collective.

So my main wish has been to connect with other women to get to know them, to teach, to heal and to learn. I wish to expand my light. With the pandemic, public and collective gatherings have stopped which is what I am used to and love to do. Therefore I have been learning how to do what I want to do in new ways. It has been a journey of experimentation. I am learning and laughing as I go.

I am not the only one in this process, we are all evolving.

Can you feel our growth?

Our Collective evolution

We can experience this change in all our relationships. We are taking a turn, all of us together. We are taking steps to gather, we are taking actions to strengthen our intimacy no matter the circumstances.

Not being able to do what we are used to do for so long has squeezed us. We can still feel the tensions being released, all at out unique timing, and also all triggering each other. It is working like a magic ripple effect travelling at a magic speed : the speed of love.

How do you feel love?

How do you act love?

How do you implement your vision in your life?

We are living an extraordinary time, I can’t say it enough because I want all of us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. And yes, it feels annoying, scary and uncertain sometimes. Transformation is triggering our old ways to guide us to create new ways. All these feelings are showing up one after another for us to liberate them. They have been stuck within and they deserve to be freed.

Your self is guiding your transformation.

Manifesting our dream of living our dreams

We dream of what we desire but we also vision the resistances coming in the way for our dreams to come true. Why would we block ourselves from dreaming? Dreams are not to be seen as impossible.

Grant your dreams the freedom of expression.

Allow your dream to manifest in a way you haven’t thought about. You will never guess how life surprises you.

Open your mind to accept your wildest and most intimate dreams.

And share about them. Express your dreams out loud to other people. The power of our collective resides in the strenght of our connections. Our society has a tendency to judge and compare but why would we do that to ourselves?

I know sometimes the person you are expressing your dream too can project some of its own resistances on to your dream. Do not take it personnally. Keep your inner fire strong and keep going for what you feeL Also do not judge this person, remember everyone its own journey.

Be you and shine your light.

Do not compare.

I am human too you see, I am experiencing life with deaths and births. I feel too. I have a family too. We are so close in our human connection and at the same time so different because your life is yours and my life is mine. We intertwin, we tangle up, we cross together. We are all weavers of our life and this life is the manifestation of our dream.

The question is what are you dreaming about?

Acts of love

Your thoughts are your dreams. What you vision is what is. Life works this way but we haven’t been educated to its magic. Why would it be a secret or a sin to enjoy?

I want to love no matter the moment. Being sad or happy, being big or small, being this or that. I love it all. I want love to flow through me and enlight my every breath.

I want love to guide my every step.

It may seems difficult to connect love with sadness, grief and death. The feelings emotions trigger are intense and no matter their direction they are expressions of your self. They are part of who we are.

Releasing your sadness is an act of love.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important of all. And you have the choice to deal with yourself how you wish. You have the choice to deal with all that you deal with the way you wish.

My wish for me – Me for the collective

This new moon cycle is asking you what do you wish for yourself? Be honest, break free from the resistances rising up in you. It feels like a challenge and that is what it is. You are playing your dream game. So challenge yourself to create with passion.

The clarity of Aquarius is challenging because Aquarius wants to nurture the vision. The vision we each hold in our mind. So take care of your thoughts.

More about Aquarius season here.

This new moon period is a transition. It is time to transform the feelings of scarcity into actions of abundance. It is time to step deeper, further into what you’ve been visioning.

A step that comes as a release. A steps that feels heavy when we think about it but feels light as we are taking it.

Surrender to fear. Surrender to anger. Surrender to shame. Surrender to guilt. Let them free. Stop holding onto them as if you wish to have them.

Stop fighting. Let yourself be.

Express how you feel to express. Enhance your communication and interaction by offering your truth. It will clarify many things.

Every challenge is a blessing in disguise.

Your vision is your journey. Make it yours.

If you wish to dive deeper :

I wish you magic,

I love you,


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