New Moon April 2020

New moon (in the house of Taurus), April 22/23, 2020.

When the moon is with the sun, the dark sky shows the stars and planets shining brighter.

Enjoying silence with no resistance,
Taming the loud to hear my soul,
Nurturing my body and caring for my energy,
My whole opening to my heart awakening.

Changing times for our world, all together stepping into the unknown.

What do I wish for my tomorrow?

In times of crisis, when our routine is put upside down, when our self is set inside out, it can feel confusing. The emotional wave is getting deep inside of us, working its way through all knots and blocks. Our resistances start crumbling and our hidden stories are revealed. What has been kept in the shadows is put in the spotlight. The emotional tsunami floods our load and trigger us to act out. From this overwhelm releasing itself we initiate a new self care mode.

INconditional Love

When our pains are coming out, it can spark a lot of intensity. What you have buried within yourself is being given back to you. It can generate a deep depressurisation.

All is happening to reveal our beauty.

We are all living this situation, consciously or not. We are being sent the same energies but the way we receive is our own.

How do I receive my self?

Do I care for me with patience and compassion?

Do I see my beauty?

In the darkness of your self, you can find your own light. Your heart is calling out to be listened and accepted. Our hear wants to be seen for what it feels, not for what it thinks. Because your heart doesn’t communicate with you like your brain Dow. They have different ways because they are different. Remember, we are all unique, every part of the whole.

What an heart awakening experience!

Whoever you are and what you are dealing with now, I invite you to focus in your heart energy. Close your eyes and feel your heart beating, feel your heart center vibrating.

I connect with my heart.

We are dealing with shadows being unveiled, our eyes are blurred, our feelings are confused, our life is changing. We are immersed in the unknown.When in the dark, only your inner light can guide you.

Follow your heart.

When at night the sun is not shining through the moon, when the sky is covered, it’s dark. To navigate yourself in the complete darkness, you have to spark your light. Your heart energy is your inner light. Quieten your thoughts. Breathe patiently. Feel yourself Feeling.
Let it happen with no judgment, no expectations. Open the door. Welcome your self.


When you drop the pressure, the overload (what has been shushed down) comes out. Your body and your thoughts react. Don’t attach and let it flow out. Then you will have more space to breathe. Step by step accepting your self.

This new moon is shining a new light on our inner. This new cycle is unveiling our beauty. Who we are inside.

What is my truth, my own inner truth?

When deep emotional cleanse happens, it is important to support yourself with a discipline.

A discipline to make you shine to yourself everyday.

Treat yourself with compassion. Nourish yourself with care. Inspire love and abundance. Express your speciality.

This new moon is in Taurus, the sign of embodiment. It shines light in the beauty of my body.

I am a nature being.

You are spiritual and physical. Like the DNA chains interconnecting. Your intellect is dancing with your matter.
Care for both.

Nurture your whole.

Inspired activities:
– Self meditation: Connect with your heart chakra (your heart center in the middle of your chest). Feel it vibrate.
– Self healing: Lay down in bed and connect with your energy body. Ask for a bubble of unconditional love surrounding you. Then, hands on your heart. Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in healing your heart. Breathe patiently.
– Breathing: Lay down and breathe in from bottom to top of your torso. Activate your lungs. 9 deep breaths every morning.
– Activation: In the morning take a moment to acknowledge your energy body and activate it.
– Reflect with the new moon: first write down the answers to all the questions of this new moon message. Then, write down all you want to let go of. Then write down your intention for this new begining with yourself.

To read:

Create your space.

Express your beauty.

I love you,


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