Cycles – Transit into September

september new cycle

It’s a new month starting and obviously another month ending. We are experiencing endings and beginnings at every moment. This time we are taking the perspective of our monthly calendar. And we are in the new moon energy as well. It emphasizes the new energies. New,new,new!

September is offering us a fresh start. A new cycle of our life is opening its way to us.

When a new month starts, when a transition happens, I invite you to take a moment to observe the last month.

How was August for you?

Remember how you felt at the beginning and during it. What have you done? What have you discovered?

What are you learning from this last month cycle?

My magic trick, a supportive habit, is to write it all down 😉

Now, let’s step into the month of September. After the excitements of August full of fire and passion, September is taking us back to earth. It’s a time to root and ground your actions. Here an article about the energies of this new moon cycle (new moon was August 30th)

When in time of transition, a release happens to make space for the new coming in. This new is birthing from the old. Ahah! There is no separation and everything is connected.

I am growing…

You are the one letting go of what doesn’t serve you. You are the one creating your space for the new you want to welcome into your life. Your everyday reality is yours to choose.

What have you discovered and enjoyed?

What have you enjoyed and want to keep enjoying?

What would you like to bring into your every days?

Take that with you and let go of the rest. And with this new passion of yours, make the change in your life to have the space to bring it in. Reset your daily routine to include this new enjoyment in it.

I act with passion.

You know all your moves are an expression of yourself. So be you, do you.
Being in the present moment is allowing the time to flow freely and not attach to any timeline events.

Let go and appreciate what is.
Enjoy the new!

Here is a numerology perspective on September.

I love you 💜

Océanie 🙏

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