Hair – Rinse Your Hair with Vinegar

Caring for your hair is caring for your mind.

When I started to go natural with my hair, one of my first step was to use vinegar. After every shampoo just rinse your hair with vinegar, it’s a great treat for your hair, you’re going to love it !

Why using vinegar for your hair?

The pH of our scalp is about 6, for usual supermarkets (non respectful) shampoo it’s 8 or 7 if it says « neutral pH », the organic ones it’s 5,5 and vinegar is between 2,5 and 3,5. Obviously it’s more or less. You’re going to ask me why I’m talking about the pH ? Simply, if your rinse your hair with vinegar it will bring a bit of acidity to your scalp because « normal chemicals » shampoos are too alkaline. If you’re already using shampoo with pH<7, vinegar is still great because it has multiple properties:

  • Vinegar is anti-limestone as well, thanks to the acetic acid it contains. Hard water with limestone is not what you want for your hair. It’s not only that, water contains other impurities that vinegar cleanses.
  • Being acidic, vinegar gets rid of our dandruff and itchy scalp. Brilliant !
  • Vinegar makes our hair shiny. It closes cuticle layer so our hair is smoother and reflects more the light. Better, our hair is protected from the outside impurities which stops our hair getting dull.
  • Yes vinegar smells but you won’t smell a thing when it’s dry. Anyway, organic apple cider vinegar smells gorgeous !
  • A bit more about the amazing vinegar : it’s anti-static, antiseptic and astringent therefore it suits everyone !

So, are you convinced yet ?

Which vinegar to use?

Any vinegar! However, I advise organic apple cider vinegar because it smells nice and makes our hair gorgeous. Anyway, when not available, I’m using white vinegar and it works great as well. Obviously, I wouldn’t go for the red wine vinegar which is a bit smelly but why not trying with malt vinegar as well? Tell me about it.

*I strongly advise organic apple cider vinegar. I tried non organic one and it makes a real difference.

How to rinse your hair with vinegar?

Easy! After washing your hair, you rinse it in the shower as usual. Before getting dry you rinse your hair with a bottle of water and vinegar that you poured earlier.

Recipe: 1 big spoon of vinegar in a liter of water

Cold or room temperature water is better because it will help closing cuticle layer.

In winter, it can be tricky to pour a bottle of cold water on your head, trust me I tried and got a massive brain freeze ahah! My advice is to use a spray.

You can ‘t deal with vinegar, what can you do?

You can use squizzed lemon instead or even beer. I have to admit I have never tried to rinse my hair with beer but you’ll find some information on internet.

I used to do it with lemon but I switched to vinegar because I just prefer it.

Try a few rinsing tecniques and stick with the one you prefer.

More tips about how to use vinegar for your hair?

I’ve got a few more for you!

  • If your hair is dry, add a spoon of honey in your bottle, shake it well and done !
  • You can also replace the water by an herbal tea. For exemple, once in a while (when it’s sunny) the night before I prepare a litter of chamomilla infused in hot water. When it’s cold in the morning, I just add a spoon of vinegar in it and rinse it on my hair. The smell of chamomilla and organic apple cider vinegar is gorgeous! I do with all my tea left overs…
  • For extra special care, add one or two drops of essential oil. Here is a list of essential oils for your hair.

The day I started to rinse my hair with vinegar, it changed everything and now I’m a vinegar addict ! No more itchy scalp, hair is shiny, etc. It’s so easy to do, you just have to take the habit of having a vinegar bottle and to grab an empty container before jumping into your shower.

Here is my first website about my natural homemade hygiene.

And more, apple cider vinegar is awesome for so many uses : add a spoon in a foot bath, as a tonic water for your face and body, in a salad vinaigrette, to cleanse a wound, etc.

Experience your own care.

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I love you,


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