My vision of Covid-19 Crisis.

When a crisis strikes our life, it is asking us for transformation.

The unusual shakes our regularity and it throws us out of our comfortable routine. Comfortable because we are used to it, it is what we know. The word comfort is an illusion because this comfort zone is not necessaryly comfortable. When assessing “comfort”, it is fair to include every one. How can we declare a situation comfortable for only some of us? How can we accept a situation being comfortable just by some of its aspects?

Separation of the details emphasizes the disagreement of every part. Our comfort is rooted in coherence. A coherence involving the whole of the whole, I mean our planet earth and its life. There is no less and no more, it is about fairness.

A fairness I see denied for as long as the history goes back. Every group (civilisations, countries, religions) repeated the same: I fight for my own and the dominance of the rest, I impose myself. I believe some behaved another way but got wiped out by the thirsty greedy others. Colonizations and slavery are two bright examples of my statement. I am not going into details because when we compare every little aspect and reason of the why and the because, we complicate the whole and the consequence is us dwelling into details of judgment instead of learning and creating something new.

First, let’s observe how this crisis is talking to us. What we see now is a virus. But if you’re honest with yourself, you know the crisis has been present for a long time, it hasn’t been listened to by the majority that’s all. The rise of mental health unbalance, of pollution, of contamination, of all the abuse of our earth, us included. I hear so many blame so many and does it help anyone create solutions? No, it doesn’t. It keeps you blinded in reasons to blame instead of focusing on what is happening. Observing that, I learn to listen to what is happening now. The virus contaminates and for the health of our planet, it is wise to stay put where I am. Not only it stops the spread of the sickness virus but it also opens the way to observing what happens when we slow down. Have you seen images of the world showing us animals appearances where we thought they were gone, sky unveiling their true colours when cleared up of pollution, etc. Images showing us details of our beautiful world. Imagine all the beauty we don’t see…mind-blowing.

That’s what we see in our outside. What do we see in our inside? What do you see inside of you?

Life is calling us to slow down big time. The stress of controlling time, the push of doing more/taking more, the drive for quantity over quality has created so much pressure in our life it is now all coming out within our humanity. What is happening inside of us humans is like a volcano exploding, a tsunami flooding, an earthquake shaking or a hurricane destroying. We are being shaken to listen.

So, how do we listen? How after years of ignoring my inner health, I initiate a change of habit? When you have been comfortable in inconfort, it is not so easy to accept. The virus is a confrontation with our health care. It is here showing us a general vision. What does it show you? One simple answer: I am healthy or not. The answer is easy thanks to this virus: I am not healthy. The whole is not healthy so as part of the whole, I am not either. Not healthy is not to be judged wrong or offensive. It is just a general state of our whole.

Now that we clarified that, how can we evolve? Life is not throwing us challenges to make us loop in more challenges. That would go against the law of growth. (Yes everything grows so I made it a law.) How can I grow now? Do I want to “go back to normal”? Do I want to experience a better life?

“Going back to normal” is a funny expression born out of a fixated mind. You see we live in a permanent impermanence and every moment is unique. I know you know because everyday shows you something different. Either you accept that or not is your choice. What we call normal is an illusion. An illusion keeping us from our freedom to evolve. If I want everything to always be the same, I create control; the control creates pressure and stress and it’s all a mess. Let’s not go into details, we know the details.

Do you want to “go back” to stress, pollution, animal extinction and wars?

Our evolution is happening no matter what. Obviously we have no idea of the future of our planet and this can be overwhelming. Actually it can make us freak out by the immensity of the task. I want to tell you that you are not being asked to save the world on your own. Also we are not being asked to project far away. This mindset creates predictions. Predictions are illusions because no one knows what is coming next and starting to talk about it in details make us loop away from what is happening now.

What we know is what is happening right here and right now.

This we can address and work for.

We also have a knowledge of what happened before and that can help us. Studying the stories of our past gives us some perspectives on the process of our evolution. The question to ask ourselves is: What do I learn? This study is for the ones attracted to our history but honestly is not necessary to address what’s going on now. Because life is not about books and stories of before or tomorrow, it is about now. I haven’t seen a monkey or bear’s library nor old photographies of a worm family.

To address a situation, I have to be in this situation. I answer here and now to all the calls. I behave like a crisis center, doing my best with what I have now. Basically, I don’t know so I do now.

Whatever is your situation now, you are being asked to be where you are. The first emergency for our race survival is to slow down the contamination and we do that by slowing down too. And when we have been running for so long, coming to a halt is beneficial. Now is a standstill. Life is offering us a moment to sit in silence and listen.

In extraordinary times, transformation happens. And before trying to find solutions for everyone and commenting on others’ideas, do you. Have you tried changing some of your “comfortable” habits? Because if you did, you would learn how transformation works and realise it takes time.

Transformation is slowing down to allow our whole to harmonize.

We are experiencing a health crisis therefore address your health: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. How is my whole doing?

To initiate the new life we are all dreaming about, we have to step into it. For that, being responsible for our health is a good step forward and easy to do here and now with what you have.

When we transform, what we know becomes something new. Therefore to not “go back to normal” and loop in disease, stop what makes you unhealthy. Everyone is being asked to assess its own in regards of the whole. Because we are all part of earth.

Learn with yourself and the people around you. Remember you are not alone, we are living here together. Do with what you have.

And appreciate the time you spend doing.

Today, I choose to isolate myself so I can listen to what’s going on inside of me. (virus or not, retreating is beneficial anyways)

I bring all my focus in my inner world.

I explore new ways to communicate with myself.

Now, I do that. Now, I experience life. Later, I’ll see on time.

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