Welcome to your Magic !

I wish for everyone to be themselves and express their magic. So I decided to step into my dream and work everyday at its creation.

I learned that by working on myself, I was changing the world.

Step by step accepting who I am to allow my true self to birth feeling safe and supported, I learned how to love myself no matter what and from my self-love I am now shining.

We are made of many parts and we are always evolving so taking care of our self is to focus on here & now. From our vibration we shine outwards therefore by cultivating peace and love inside, we transmit peace and love to all.

I am a bridge of connection of the seen and unseen, I travel our multidimentionality to transmit you the messages of your soul and spirit, I am a divine channel of unconditional love, a holistic healer and bringer of light. My mission is to guide you to connect all you experiences into an harmonious unity.

Enlight Your Path & Activate Your Magic Awakening.

You are the one guiding your way to enjoy your human life in the way you want it.

This website is a creative expression of who I am, who you are and who we are. Dive into the Passion Creation multidimension and receive the inspiration you’re seeking to guide you now.

Be yourself.

  • Cosmic Calendar: Transmissions of the energies of now, inspired by astrology and our cosmic calendar (look up to the sky). More on Instagram @libreetmagique.
  • Discipline & Self-Care : How to change your habits and create a supportive discipline to sustain your growth. Let’s be practical !
  • Inspire & Intrepret : A mindful inspirational space nourished by creative writings, soul messages, my philsophy, spirituality and more …
  • Podcast : Listen to my voice, I share my experience and my magic tricks.
  • Meet me : My story and my services. Feel Free & Magic.

Explore and have fun.

Trust your flow.

Embark on your magical life journey !

I love you,


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