2019 Mid-December: Ahhhhhhh! Keep cool

Do you feel these intense confusing energies these days? It’s like the wind is blowing everywhere and nowhere at the same time

It feels like going one direction but being pulled towards other directions on the way. Whatever turns I make, I am always set back on my original direction. It’s a very funny movement which can be also very confusing.

It’s like we’re being tested. I feel we are challenged to keep strong in doing our way, in keeping our direction. Even if the direction is not so clear,we know how we feel right now and that’s enough to set a direction.

We’ve talked about the big changes we are all going through now and in times of transformation the destination may feel unclear. And it’s ok because it’s being created at your every step.

What I do is I focus on now: How do I feel like doing now?

There is a lot of moving energies and I am realising that moving around without a set direction is no help. Sometimes it’s nice to go wander out and see where we end up. But these days I don’t feel it’s the best to do with ourselves. I feel we are being asked to focus on our self-discipline and self-care. Basically ground yourself.

What activities support my mind to quiet down and my body to relax?

Do that first.


This Sag season (December article here) is about exploring new, new activities, new jobs new people, new places and it’s easy to get dispersed in all of this new.

Follow your heart.

It’s ok to say no if you don’t feel like it. Many opportunities may come your way therefore choose which one you want and say no to the others. It’s not because it sounds good that it is for you.

If you don’t know in details what you want, it is totally alright knowing that you can’t know as it is new. Again the unknown can’t be known in advance…

So what you do is you ask for what you want, you set your intentions and allow yourself to receive.

For example: you are looking for a new home: ask for a new home; you want new job opportunities: ask for new job opportunities, etc.

Keep it simple.

The universe knows what to send to you. And if you are doing you, you are allowing yourself to vibrate clearly which attracts the right people towards you. It’s all about our interactions with other people. So when I say you do you, it means also you spend time with the people you feel like being with. And contact the ones you are missing and are far away as well.


The full moon was all about communication as it was in Gemini (article here).

Spend time with friends and share how you feel. Have fun together.

Having fun means a lot for me, it means sharing what we feel like doing together: maybe it’s cleaning, maybe it’s stretching, eating, drinking a cup of tea, dancing, drawing, sharing cake, etc.

Do you with friends.

For some of us it’s very new to show our vulnerable side but I know you’re doing it and it feels good. It feels good because you’re allowing yourself to show your whole self and also to allow the other to be here for you in its own way. We all do our way but it doesn’t mean we can’t do together. Actually it is inviting us to co-create our unique moments together.

What I’m learning too is that my way is enriched by the other’s way. When I feel confused and I have no idea of what’s happening with myself now, I send this exact message to a friend and usually I get an answer of my friend sharing with me her way of doing. So I do that and it’s awesome.

When we don’t know our direction, it’s ok to ask friends to help clarify our path. Not that we want them to tell us what to do with our life, we just ask them for support right now. What do I do now that could soothe my confusion?

Keep it simple.

We are here for each other.

What a weekend! Let’s see how the new week unfolds …

Do you now.

Remember to ground yourself.

I love you.

Océanie 🙏

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