Energy report – Mid Aquarius Season 2022

We are transiting through Aquarius season, now entering the second phase.

Here is what I inspire for now.

This report is timeless and will inspire who is open to receive.

A Self meeting

On this journey, we seem to be meeting our alter ego. Two complementary forces of what makes our self. The feminine and the masculine are coming together in harmony to allow our inner vision to blossom. We rebalance.

It can be confronting to meet our alter ego. This other part of self inside of us that wants to be heard too, that wants space for expression and action. There is an inner force coming out to the surface of our self during this season and it can be destabilising. The self you knew is showing new colours.

I invite you to embrace the parts of you coming out and offer them the space to be. Welcome your self as it is showing itself.

Aquarius the wise observer

Aquarius season is offering us the space to reassess our past year (zodiac year starts with Aries season end of March).

What have you built this past year, what have you gained? What have you experienced ? Which hurts did you feel ? Which breakthrough have you had ?

This season is guiding us to take the time to review the experiences of our past year. Taking the time to assess and learn from our journey.

Which vision did you follow ?

Have you trusted what you believe in ?

Have you allowed the natural cycles to support your way ?

Have you acted trusting life ?

Aquarius has a psychic and ethereal vibe, it’s the higher intellect realms. Be careful to not overthink and overjudge your self. This energy is about reflecting on where we’re at now and how we got here.

Imagine you are your higher self observing its human self. Take a higher point of view on yourself, include the bigger picture.

Be smart to not fall into harsh judgments, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and you can take the time now to assess all your moves and recognize what you have.

Value all your steps as all are part of your life.

There is no small or big steps, all are leading you from birth to death on the path of your life.

Think with kindness.

A psychic detox

This season triggers a lot mental cleanse. Of course the aim of assessing is to recalibrate and become more effective.

Dispersion has occurred and it’s normal, thanks to being pulled in all direction can we strenghten our own direction.
And if you have not been dispersed maybe it is needed in order to liberate what has been controlled to follow your determined path ?

We all need to let go of thoughts that don’t serve us anymore. The way we live our life is always under creation.

As we evolve, it is our responsibility to lead our thinking to evolve too.

The last couple of years, we have been triggered in all directions : the pandemic unveiling different truths, the lockdowns asking us to stay put, internet becoming more important in our lives than it was before…and all the rest !

Our online world is dispersing, so many people, so many stories, so many images, so many possibilities ! We have access to the world and we can learn that there are many ways of living our life.

We have access to infinite choices to create the life we desire for ourselves.

And before you get stuck in materiality, take a moment to think about how you’d like your life to be.

In which direction do you want your steps to guide you to ?

Life has shown us that all can shake in one instant. Being unsettled is part of our journey so if your vision is attached to a fixated materiality, you are going to hit the wall.

May you open your vision to all possibilities. Direct your vision for what you want to feel, how you want to live.

Free your beliefs

I feel also the call of the spiritual. We are divine beings living a human experience. I know this belief is not necessarily yours but it supports me to evolve in faith.

No matter what is your belief, ask yourself if this belief is supporting your growth and open to the surprises of life or is your belief limiting you in conditions that block your true self to be ?

Remember that a belief is simply a thought and it is easy to change.

Your thoughts guide your way, they have immense power in our life.

What you have been told to believe might stick on you ; your education, your culture, your religion, etc. So many stories telling us the right and wrong.

Isn’t it time to allow your Self to be who it is ?
Aren’t you more than a set of rules and dogmas ?

You can be who you are.

Open up your belief system to include your magic self.

By creating space for your self to express its truth, you will discover who you are.

You are more than what you think you are.

Let everyday guide you beyond your known and thinkable.

Welcome the surprises !

Enjoy every step, own your life.

Peace & Patience,


Ps: To guide your journey, to free your magic, open a timespace to journal about all the questions raised in this report.

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