An open perspective on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun in our Solar System. Then there is Venus and then our planet Earth. The planet Mercury makes a complete revolution around the sun in 88 days (precisely 87,969) and three times a year, Mercury goes retrograde.

What is a retrograde? What energy is Mercury? How to navigate the retrograde energy? What are the dates of Mercury retrograde in 2022?

The retrogade effect

A retrograde is an illusionary effect of a planet moving backward. This is from our earthly perspective because all planets cycle forward at their unique rhythm at all times. During its retrograde, Mercury is closer to Earth which explains the retrograde effect. You know when you are in a train and looking accross the window you see this other train on another track, it creates an illusion effect. There is a moment when you don’t really know which one is moving or in which way.

Each time there is also the moment before and after where the illusion is initiated and completed, it is called stationary because from our point of view it seems like Mercury is not moving. It’s the train effect: going at the same speed side by side, the person sitting in the other train seems to be sitting next to you.

An illusion is created by the proximity of the two planets and we call it a retrograde.

And each time it’s enlightening.

When an illusion of our reality is created it unveils some truth. Let’s observe the fog lifting to offer us a clearer view of the panorama or the torrential rain stopping and allowing us to see further. This illusion effect can be observed in many ways in our nature’s life.

Planet Mercury

Mercury refers to the messenger god. It is also the god of the merchants, the travelers and the tricksters in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, we find it under the name of Hermes.

Inspired by mythology, astrology sees Mercury as the planet of communication and associated with our communication tools. Mercury is ruled by Gemini ♊.

Mercury Retrograde Guidance

When Mercury is retrograde, it is a moment to assess how we communicate. The illusion of the retrograde reflects itself in our ways of communication. It can be how we relate to ourselves, how we interact with the others and how we use our technology.

Remember that all comes from our center. So what is seen outside is a reflection of your inside.

The base of our communication is within ourselves.

How do I listen to myself ?

How do I answer to myself ?

How do I self communicate?

And with others ?

During  Mercury retrograde, life will make sure that we listen. It will create events to catch our attention. For example, your phone or computer will act weirdly. It is not supposed to annoy you, it is behaving this way to send you a message.

Read the signs.

The retrograde effect can also be seen in our relationships. Maybe communication or meetings are delayed, maybe they are canceled, whatever the reasons, be attentive to your inner message.

Communication is also with spirit. Nature talks to us in its own language. What is in front of you is the answer to your situation. Listen.

Communication is our way of connecting.

Discover here my vision of communication.

Mercury’s game

A Mercury retrograde is not to be feared or seen as a negative time. Life’s purpose is not to bring you down or make you feel bad. Life guides you to step into your higher self. We are being led to evolve. If you feel tricked, have a laugh, see the bright side and receive the message to lift the illusion.

Play the game.

Be creative.

So when Mercury is retrograde, I let if flow and observe what life wants to tell me. I listen and act accordingly.

A Mercury retrograde is a playful time.

It’s fun to play with the flow of life!

Mercury retrogrades in 2022

  • Jan 14th – Feb 4th
  • May 10th – June 3rd
  • September 10th – October 2nd
  • December 29th – January 18th 2023

May your playfulness guide your way,

We are anchoring our new way of communicating in every thought.

Love & Sparkles,


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