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Aloha sisters & brothers,

Today, I am going to talk to you about a true feminine subject but gentlemen, it’s also important for you to know about these things.

My new cup, it’s purple and makes me beautiful. I received it by post, it was in a lovely purple bag. Easy to order, easy to have in my life.

My new cup is a menstrual cup. What is it? A menstrual cup is ecologically friendly, cheaper, more comfortable and more practical than your regular tampons and pads used for when you have your periods.

  • Ecologically friendly because your cup lasts years instead of your disposable tampons and pads. Have you ever thought how much waste a single woman creates in her lifetime with tampons and pads?
  • Cheaper because it’s obvious! Easy maths: 1 box of tampons every 2/3 months during loads of years compared to a cup every 10 years…
  • More comfortable for different reasons. First, it feels more confortable to wear. Second, if you have heavy menstrual flows, you can find big cups up to 40ml which means less leaking so a nicer experince of your flow release.
  • Less risky because made of TPE, thermoplastic elastomer, therefore less allergic and less irritating than usual menstrual protections. We don’t really know how tampons and pads are made nowadays. Even those in 100% natural cotton because they have to be whitened and shaped no? I am not an expert but I know my cup is clean because I sterilize it myself.
  • It’s mega practical, you need only your cup and water. Travelling around the world becomes easier!

About my new friend, it took me a long time to pick her up! You have a wide range of menstrual cups to choose from and it’s not easy because it’s your first time. The diameter and capacity are the main characteristics to choose. Which size is right for you? I took a quiz in French and I found one in English too: here.  Look also here for more useful information about sizes and more.

At the time, I was really indecisive and didn’t really know about a few questions like the deepness of my vagina or how firm was my perineum? So I had the great idea to ask my man! I’m sure he knows more about the differences between vaginas than me. I have some funky ideas 🙂 and I also think involving your partner in the experience of your feminity is intimacy. “Babe, what do you think, do I have a deep one? Is it firm? What do you think is my vagina diameter? And about the color: glitter blue or purple?” Well, well, playing his football game he gently looked at me and said he had no idea about all of that and he wouldn’t be surprised if I picked up a glitter one and he went back to his game. Which one am I supposed to choose?

Menstrual Cup

After a few weeks…yes it felt like a very important moment at the time, I was making a new choice of lifestyle, my final choice was a Meluna Cup in size L. (the Meluna website is full of informations) I didn’t take S because I thought better too big than not enough and L is the same diameter as M but has capacity so why not? I finally ordered it and I was really impatient to get it and stop tampons for good.

If the cup is not the right one for you, it’s still a great gift to a friend or sister.


My cup is purple and the first time I saw it, it made me think about this game we had as kids. I have no idea how you call it in english but here is a picture. We call them “puce’ in France which means flea.

On the top of the cup you have littles holes to prevent any sucking effect so do not worry, no bloody explosion will take place in your panties.

You can choose from different ends: ball, stem or ring. The end is what you pull to take your cup out. I have a ball one but I advice the stem, you can cut it if too long but I think it gives you more grip than the ball.


Meluna menstrual cup with a ball end.

My first time went well. No leak and no dryness feeling like with tampons. It took me a bit of time to take it out, I need some more practice. I’m happy anyway, no more waste!

A year later, I love my cup, I handle it really well now and it’s a pleasure to deal with each time I have my periods. I advice any teenager and woman to get one.

Years later after the first publication of this article, I still have a cup (a different one because I burned my first one forgetting it in the pot…) and I still love it and recommend it to every woman.

Having a menstrual cup is awesome.

Come on girls, get yourself one! And chat to your girlfriends about it!

More inspiration:

I love you,


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