Here & Now – A Full Moon message

This message has been inspired on time for me to receive it. It is timeless and here to guide you on your perfect timing.

Feeling lighter and clearer,

This moon brings the answers

For us to focus on what matters.

What do I want to accomplish in this lifetime of mine?

What are my goals to realize?

What to implement in my everyday experience of life?

We navigate the immensity of our expectations, swaying from possibilities to opportunities. At every step we are making our choices.

This full moon is initiating our new realization of self as beings pertaining to this world. Walking and dancing, playing and working, all performing who we are.

The fog in our minds is lifting,

In new directions, the winds are blowing.

Keeping up with our intention,

We are now triggered into action.

Now it’s time to initiate your next move. You know this step that aims perfectly tuned in with your desires.

Follow your intuition and jump.

It’s called a leap of faith because the trust you have for yourself is leading the move.

Observe a grasshopper, it doesn’t know where it is going to land but, still, it jumps with confidence. It is naturally following its instincts.

When we shed our doubts, guilt and shame, we can hear the voice of our instincts.

Evolved or not, civilised or not, developed or not, we are part of the natural realm and we have inside this voice of wisdom guiding us.

If you’re not used to listen to it, now it’s time to receive its messages. It’s time to respect your inner self.

Deep down you know what you want so express it for yourself. Allow yourself to let what’s in the dark, out into the light.

Allow your inner desires to be considered as the possible. Break free from your fear of realising your truest self.

I know, society has its ways of pressuring us. But isn’t society all of us? Aren’t we the ones creating this pressure weighing on our bodies and stressing our minds? Why not following our hearts when it feels too much and say no to what overstep our boundaries?

We have the ressources to build a new society, a different way of living. For this dream to happen, we need everyone to tune into their hearts and make the change for themselves.

This moon is shining bright reflecting our social insecurities. She is showing us where we need to break free to allow ourselves to be who we are.

It’s happening and we are all lead into the new creation of our lives. We simply need to follow the guidance. It’s coming to us in magical ways, so listen and be open to act for what you’re dreaming about.

Trust yourself.

Remember to take a moment to welcome this full moon energy and celebrate who you are, who we are.

I love you 💖

Océanie 🙏

Picture: Seen for who you are, taken in Plakias, Crete, Greece.

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