March 2020 – REBIRTHING

A new month is unfolding, life is cycling, we are always evolving.

Our monthly calendar is practical to observe our growth and support our development.

We are now stepping in March 2020. Let’s see:

Every new month, I like taking a moment to observe what happened the last month.

What did I experience in February 2020?

What action did I take for myself?

What happened in my relationships?

I sit, I breathe deeply three times and I reflect. I also find it enlightening to write down my reflections.

March 2020 is starting a week after the February New Moon. A new moon is a time of emotional release which creates the space for a new step forward with ourselves. A step related to our inner emotional world.

Click here to watch the February 2020 new moon insights video.

When we enter the new it means we are releasing the old and this can be confronting. Facing yourself is challenging. It is asking you to choose yes or no, what you want and don’t want anymore. We have to allow the transition to happen at its own rythm. You can’t push a seed to sprout.

I feel this month is about our REBIRTH.

Are you feeling yourself being taken into realms you didn’t know before?

Are you making the time for yourself?

Are you listening and accepting your body’s needs?

A rebirth is what it is. The baby comes out of the mother when its time for it to do so. And not only it comes on its own perfect timing but also its own way. We are all unique and we are experiencing life in our unique way. So if you are in this transition time, this in-between dimension, let it be. I advice you to not bring in stories that are not how you feel. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or not do, how you should or not think, etc.

I am my own self.

Honestly the word should is out of my vocabulary and it sets me free.

When your thoughts are pressuring, come back to how you body feels and create the story adapted to this feeling. A story that supports your growth instead of pushing you down. Remember you can see your reality in infinite ways, you are the one choosing how you want to experience what is.

I own my power.

You wish something different, something new so make it happen now. Make the change in the way you think, it will liberate you from the pressure and tension you are holding on to. When we release and let go, it passes through to come out so we feel it full on and it can be frightening. It is only coming out so keep calm and soothe yourself in your supportive ways.

Let it flow.

We are in the realm of emotions which are associated with the element of water. If you don’t know what to do with yourself, gaze at water and breathe.

Here is my vision of the pisces cycle and it’s water element.

Remember to trust yourself and the process. It is all happening on perfect timing. A timing we don’t control. What we control is how we see. So make the stories adapted to how you want your life to be.

Here and now.

As you release, bring in the new. Do the things you’re wishing to do and observe what you are already doing that’s new. You want a new way of living, start now. Step by step, integrate the new into your days.

Take a deep breath and see how you are doing it already now.

March seems to offer us a coming out of the womb time. So keep cool with yourself and let it happen with care.

Remember to do you

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