Making a choice

Our life is built with the choices we make.

We decide what we want, where we go and with who we are.

Sometimes we don’t feel it’s our choice but if we look at our moves in the past and our vision of the future, we can see our continuity.

Not making a choice is also making a choice.

Every step we take, it’s a choice we make.

The energy of the choice is more present when in times of rebirth.

We want the new, we want to go for what we want and choices have to be made towards our intentions.

First we set our intention, and then we apply at every step.

Confusion arises as we enter the new and it’s making us observe the change is happening. It’s also asking us to set our new boundaries. Boundaries with ourselves and our environment. We allow ourselves the space to strengthen and evolve.

Remember the change is always happening. We are breathing and life is living. We observe the cycles of our sky, our plants, our body, our relationships, we learn that we are ending and beginning at every movement. The observation of the cycles from different perspectives widens our vision.

Our environment is teaching and guiding us. So when you are confused inside, observe your outside. What signs are coming up? What do you see reflecting back at you?


The signs are here to show you something. If you notice them, you are allowing yourself to be guided.

You make the choice to soothe your way.

There are many choices available to you. Sometimes we don’t know which one is the right choice and we build pressure on ourselves. This idea of making the right decision is anchored with pre-judgments from your upbringing. Our education and the cultures we’ve been raised in have set up what seems right and wrong.

Observe how you see what’s right. Is it because of what people said before, what people are saying now or what you’re afraid people would say? Or is it what resonates with who you are and what you want?


The right choice is the one you make for yourself.

Take a moment to listen to yourself. Sit down and relax. Breathe deeply three times. Open your flow. Relax your body. You are safe.

Now visualize yourself making one choice. “I choose because I want it”

And observe how your body reacts.


You can go on and visualise yourself in another situation of choice, or come back here and now.

A moment of calm brings you in a space to clarify.

You are making the change for yourself. It’s awesome. Go for what you want.

You are the creator of your life 💖

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I love you,


Picture taken in Dunkirk, France.

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